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Hello Everyone


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Hi my Name is Cloud and Im really happy to be here... sharing everything MIKA with you guys...:wink2:


I first heard the name last year, when someone said there was a guy who was trying to copy Freddie Mercury. At first I didn't want to know anything about him because my fist Love is and always will be Fred, but i had to see for myself.. So I went to Brian May's Website and Looked for him..

and WOW! Mika won me over immediately... :mf_lustslow:

soon after, I downloaded his songs and i have been talking about him to EVERYONE.. I think i have them fed up, but I DON'T CARE...

Anyway I live in El Paso TEXAS, and not a lot of people here know about him.

Im just glad that he is making it big and now im starting to see him everywhere. YEAH!:thumb_yello:


My favorite Mika song right now is MY INTERPRETATION


gotta go need to work on my profile...


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That was very wrong said...

No wonder you didn't want to know about him at first :naughty:

Mika's not trying to copy Freddie Mercury as far as I understood.

Although some similarities there apparently is.

( I don't know much about Freddie)

Mika's going to be so huge everywhere!! :wink2:


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