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hi everybody!!


Well, I'm Atomba, a 22 years old girl from Spain. I joined the forum yesterday and finally I'm writing. I think I found out this fanclub watching a Mika Video on Youtube or... well somewhere in the net I saw the address and couldn't resist to enter 'cause I don't know people who like Mika, at least, not as much as me! I couldn't say I'm his biggest fan 'cause I don't know many things about him but everyday which passes by I like him more and more ... he's unique, nobody has the talent and passion that he has. He makes me enjoy when I listen to him and well.. I listened to one interview with him and... what can I say? I love how he thinks and the way he seems to be! he's an idol :P It was hard to know who he was!! The very first time I saw him was in a stream youtube video in some random profile so... I loved the song but I didn't know who was the singer or what was the song's tittle... I gave the profile URL to my friends but nobody knows... 'till the day I saw in another random profile MIKA - GRACE KELLY and the stream video below and... that how I knew about mika!!


Well this is going to long!! I'm not good introducing myself so I followed what the admins say in the sticker but, I better stop now and just hope you all accpet a new spanish fan... and finally have a place to talk about this great artist.





P.S. Sorry for my english, it's not always good :thumbdown::bleh:

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hey all!! thanks for your nice replies and welcome!! this forum seems to be a very nice place.. and... well you're doing it great!! it's so big and amazing I don't know where should I start writing :blush-anim-cl:


thanks again! :wink2:

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Hello Atomba!

I hope you like it here on forums!

This is a fantastic place to learn more about Mika!

People here are lovely and very active posting the latest Mika News! :D


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