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Mika in the States???


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Anyone know if Mika will come to America anytime soon???


They (whoever they are) keep teasing us with the story that Mika will be coming to the states in June, but so far nothing's been announced... *sigh* dcdeb

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what do you think?

ask everyone to list their closest major city?


it seems like a lot of MIKA's shows are in smaller venues -

there are quite a few buildings & arenas here were i live - there is a huge outdoor ampitheatre less than 5 miles from my house


i'm sure there is some kind of equation for figuring out the location of a gig - especially since a lot of people are still discovering MIKA!

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hes probably comming in june, if you look at his tour info on his webste the whole month of june is gone it goes from may to july


yeah - i noticed that on his tour calendar


we can only pray that the nice chunk of empty calendar space is meant for us!!!!!!!:bleh:

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ok - so this "thread stuff" is still kinda new to me

how do you want to word this?

help me out here...


We could maybe title the thread something like "Requested Concert Locations for US Tour"


And then we could have everyone list the cities, maybe even the venues/clubs that they have in mind. Maybe we could also have people give their reasons as to why they would like him to come there or why they think he would enjoy going there?


Maybe we could even get the thread made into a sticky post, so he'd have a better chance of seeing it?

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good ideas!

but we might just want to stick to basic major cities & venue suggestions

im sure places like nyc, chicago & southern cal are going to be definites


if he doesnt come to nyc idk what il do with myself, seeing him once isnt enough!!

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