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just something i found o google....sorry if its posted allready...- love today


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Yay an awesome review :biggrin2: nah I hadn't seen his before either :thumb_yello:


FHEW! i hoped no one posted it b 4...u guys know...in the john mayer forum... its so scary to post about something that someone ellse posted about b 4! if u do it ppl start screaming at u..... LOL

thats why i dont post there!!!

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I can't get the videos to work :badmood: Never mind! Thanks anyway! xx

me neither but i've tried with a different browser (Safari) and it works now:wink2:


Thank you Sivan for posting!! the video is really amazing: i was melting when, while singing Grace Kelly, he does that "mmmmmmhh" in a so sexy way!:mf_lustslow:

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