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The Official Rhymes About Mika Thread

Dangerous Kat

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Hi guys.


My Mika rhyme is as follows:


Put Mika to the test

He will beat the rest

He is the best

He has that unique new zest

His songs being played on every radio station

Mikaisation is on a rise all across the nation


That's my Mika prhyme hope it is creative enough for you everyone, so I did not post it when I first saw this thread.


P.S. oh by the way, Kerchinga





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  • 4 weeks later...

Here's a heartwarming limerick for y'all:



If Mika were in my care,

I would play with his curly hair.

I would dress him in mesh,

But if he tried to get fresh,

My man would shove him down the stairs.







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So I was going to try to toss together something cute and fluffy, but then I started typing and the next thing you know I'd created this , which can best be described as Ode to Mika:


Your fingers dance like butterflies across the ivory keys

Soft and slow or uplifting, your music speaks to me.

In your words I find a solace I so desperately required

And your smile makes me melt and sets my tender heart afire.


Somewhere along my charcoal road I got caught up in a race

Then you came and pulled me down into another time and place

Your talent is a gift, your voice a treasure to be heard

I share in your elation as you spread it ‘round the world.


You know deep in your heart this is the path you were born to take

The world that you’ve created is a utopia we can’t shake.

I admit that my inner skies were dark, and painted with shades of gray

Your watercolor daydream now keeps those dreary clouds at bay.


With so much of life so artificial now, everything’s a calculated creation

Your art is real and free, and comes from within; that’s the source of your sensation.

It inspires me in unseen ways how you connect with what you’ve created

And as a result you’ve earned my love, unabashed and unabated.


Oh Mika, you must think I’m mad, waxing poetic about you here

But you should know how much you’ve touched me; I’d like to make that clear.

With the endless trials of everyday life, it’s so easy to get caught

It’s so deliciously refreshing to hear someone tell you “why not?â€


In 23 short years you’ve felt so many things that color your very soul

Yet you took those shattered pieces and created something so very whole.

As the world spins around you now, like some crazy carousel

Make sure you don’t lose sight of the inner spirit you know so well.


Wow, thanks for sharing this. This one really touched my heart because I agree with so much of it. Very nice.:thumb_yello:

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Here is all that will come out of me tonight:


When I think of Mika (whew)

I have to smile like Picachu

His singing is delightful

And his music is so brightful


The MFCers update me

So I see Mika constantly

I hear his laughter every day

Thanks to Mirtilla’s coy play


He sings to me and brings me joy

My frenz think he’s just a boy

But I know better, he has powers

I've seen his eyes turn into flowers


Thanks to Mika the sun shines brighter

And stars dip down to lift me higher

I have to smile like Picachu

When I think of Mika (whew!) :bleh:


Picachu.gifI love you, Mika. Thanks for making it so delicious!

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