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Ummmm... Hi from Brazil :D

Big Boy

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Hi everybody :]


My name is Paulo, I'm from Brazil and I got addicted to Mika 2 months ago... and ever since his music has only grown in me, and I love him more each day.


I usually avoid joining forums because (1) I hate feeling like a newbie and (2) forumers are usually rude... but my passion for Mika's music and the advices of mandilambi (who told me to join this forum because everyone is nice) made me change my opinion... and now here I am :D


So that's it... I hope to make some good friends in here.


PS: cool place, congrats to whoever made the layout.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hello Paulo


Welcome to the Mika Fan Club


and you will soon realise that this is quiet possibly the friendliest place on the internet :thumb_yello:


Dont be shy come and join a thread and chat until your soo tired you can no longer :naughty:

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