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Bonjour my fellow MIKA fans!


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Hey everyone! My name is Melanie (17 yrs old) and I discovered MIKA around... January. Only, it was between shows on MTV lol. I think I was watching The Hills or something and BEHOLD a colorful music video "GRACE KELLY" displayed proudly in a little picture in picture box. My first thought was " OOO my kind of bohemian vid" my next thoughts were, " OH wow this guy is adorable!" and "Do I own that sweater!?" So needless to say, I was interested in him from the beginning. But by some twist of fate, I kept puting of "googling" him lol. Don't know why, just one of those things... Until I heard a familiar tune on my buddy's myspace... * GASP its GRACE KELLY I was thrilled that someone in my neck of the woods knew about MIKA... So I finally researched him... found his myspace, watched most of his vids on youtube and found out all I could about this beautiful boy. I got his CD for Easter and I love it! The rest is history!

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