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Love Today in BBC radio 1 Chart blog


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Mika - 'Love Today'


Fraser M, 16 Apr 07, 11:05 AM




Having gone all-out for attention with 'Grace Kelly' - a song which veers from salt-in-a-paper-cut irritating to total pop joy depending on how many times you hear it in a 24-hour period - Mika's people are clearly concerned about demanding too much from his new audience too soon. You could reasonably have expected a single release for 'Lollipop' - the second best song on the album - or 'Big Girl, You Are Beautiful'. But these are songs which have the power to appall and delight in equal measure. What Mika needs now is a song which won't drive hordes of people to conclude that they've had enough of his genetically-modified confections, are are now feeling a bit sick.


Enter 'Love Today', a song which has a disco heartbeat, lashings of falsetto harmonies, and that trademark Mika self-regard, but isn't extreme enough to make anyone change their minds about him and start bandying around the phrase which must be keeping him up nights at the moment...'one-hit wonder'.

Of course, this being a place-holder sort of song, there's not a right lot to say about it beyond the fact that it's alright. You can't even claim that it reveals a new, hidden flamboyant side to the man, cos we all know he's read the Freddie Mercury Book Of Big Rock Postures from cover to cover and back again.

As far as Mika is concerned, modesty is just a word people use to describe who is the bigger mod out of Paul Weller and...er...OK, so it's just Paul Weller. Paul Weller is the most mod-esty person EVER! But he doesn't like to go on about it.


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Don't these people understand the very important difference between self-confidence and arrogance? Mika has lots of the former and that's good but I have never seen or heard a hint of arrogance or immodesty.

Sheesh. Guess I shouldn't take this too seriously but it does irritate!:sneaky2:

could be a worse review - it could have been written by Liz Colville!

Thanks for posting:thumb_yello:

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Who write'a these things and why do they have to write it in this kinda why. I had 2 read it twice to get what they were saying....

Why cant they write something like "not really for me but im sure all his fans will love it!"

Are there any really good writes up's about mika at the moment we can read!! Lol all of these are getting really depressing, althou i agree this could of been worse, Id like to read one where Mika is just well Mika and mayb not compared to anyone and his music just be wot it is. I know not everyone will ever like him and its good that we all have different tastes otherwise life would b boring but these reviews are just getting sooooo alike (camp,arrogant,geneticaly-modified)!!!!



Rite i feel better now iv said that Lol!!!!:thumb_yello:

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I don't get an arrogant vibe from Mika at all. In fact...where Freddie was rather arrogant and all out, Mika is has a very sweet, sexy vibe. It's not like he's unsure of himself at all, but he's softer.


People don't know what they are talking about. grrr.

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"Of course, this being a place-holder sort of song, there's not a right lot to say about it beyond the fact that it's alright."


o O, another 3 out of 6 stars article :wink2:, Mika won't like that :roftl:


Me too, I haven't noticed the slightest trace of arrogance in Mikas behaviour or in his talk. Far from it! He still is surprised by his success and you can't help believing him because he does all the interviews with such a natural and fresh approach that you could get the impression that he is sitting in his own living room while talking. What is so wrong about being self confident? He has got so many good reviews on his music and besides so many compliments on whatever else there might be about him that even if he should have been insecure about all that before, now he can't have any serious doubt that everything's alright. And still he is close with his fans and I'm sure, if he ever should get detached there are the right people around to put his feet back on the ground. :naughty:


So keep on :punk: , MIKA!


Thank you Satu!

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Yeah, if it makes it any better,

this was actually a three out of five stars review lol. :naughty:


And Mika seems very modest I agree with you guys!

Maybe they mean the "stage persona"?

If the person who wrote this doesn't know much about Mika,

maybe he has only seen the music videos...

Of course you need to have a boasting "stage persona",

you can't go on a stage with a "don't see me" attitude... can you? O_o

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I think people are just taken aback by Mika's matter-of-fact attitude towards his ability to succeed. For so many years now, being a pop star has had nothing to do with music and everything to do with being in the right place at the right time, being marketed well and generating a lot of attention for things that have nothing to do with your music.


Mika intends to make a career out of creating pop music and he knows that there is an audience for his work. Once he was granted the freedom and support by his record label to do what he wanted, it was practically a given that he was going to be successful.


I'm sure he is surprised by many aspects of what has taken place over the past few months, but I think it would be disingenuous of him to pretend that he isn't already on the path to a successful career in music.

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This "arrogance" thing I think comes from the fact that he is not letting people mould him into something he isn't, and because the critics at the moment only really like you if you are an Indie artist, they think he is being arrogant by not wanting to fit into their comfy little niche.

If they went to the concerts and waited outside with the fans, instead of running back to their office to slag off his performance, they would see how much he appreciates them as he takes time to talk to them, not the kind of thing an arrogant person would do. But obviously that wouldn't make for a good story.

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