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Don't compare Mika to Daniel Kübelböck !!!!


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  • 2 months later...

who the heck was stupid enough to compare him to that...thing? :blink:


was it Raab? One of them greatly thaught of jokes? Just for starters..Daniel can`t even sing...and well...he`s a girl :lmfao: :lmfao:

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WHAT?! are they comparing Mika with this... man(?) ?!? STUPID!!


This guy somehow reminded me of a very silly character from a tv show!! can you see the similarity ?:lmfao: just look at the eyebrows !



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So as some of you had already heard Mika was compared to Daniel Küblböck at TvTotal :furious:


This made me very angry !!!


This is Daniel K.







:furious: :furious:



So let's show Stefan Raab and TvTotal that they can't say something like this !!!!


Write an e-mail to this adress fanpost@tvtotal.de with the text :


You can't compare the great fabulous awesome Mika with Daniel K.

Never do that again !!!!


or something like this.. Thank you


im not trying to be mean but was that a guy or a girl?:naughty: i couldnt tell.

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