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Yey!A whole new thread just for me!


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Hi everyone here!Mika!YEY!

So well...something about me?okay....

I live in Hungary.

I love drawing.

I love dancing.

I love singing.(when no one can hear me)

I love learning languages.

I love animals.

I love smiling and being crazy!

I play/do majorette.(a sport)

I wear my watch on my right hand altough Im right handed...

Man my parents want me to go to bed now....oh...

And oh..I saw something about this site on the mikasounds.com forum.So I came here.Yeeeee!

I love making new friends from other countries.I love learning new things.

And uhm...Im writing rubbish here...I dont know what to tell...

I love My Chemical Romance too!So other fans here!I'd love to talk to you!

And if you want to talk to someone...Im always here..with open arms.

I'm so happy that I found this site and I'm afraid I'll chat here all day....My parents are getting angry with me.:boxed:

And coz Im not English I am so sorry for all my mistakes.

Anyway....I am kind.And talk with me!

I'm seeing MIKA in august!I am sooooooooo excited! :wink2:


Edit!!!:I forgot to tell :I heard MIKA in the radio and I thought he is RW.Man!But he is much better....and I got his CD!Now I am listening to it all day...I love His style!In every way! MIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

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Hello Zsina


Welcome to the Mika Fan Club


Oh no your parents are getting mad with you?!

well i promise you that this site will be your homepage by the end of the month :thumb_yello::naughty:

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Hi Zsina!


I just wanted to say hello, and let me say I was absolutely surprised and happy when I read your introduction post! I mean I didn't really expect to find someone else from Hungary on this forum.

So hi, hopefully we will chat some more later.


P.S.: Sorry, I'm writing in English and not in Hungarian because it's a public forum, and I don't want to confuse anyone, but let me say "örülök, hogy a magyar Mika-rajongó fogalom is létezik!" :thumb_yello:



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Hello Zsina!


Welcome to the MFC!I'm hungarian,too,and I'm really happy to see other people from Hungary here!:original: I hope we can start the Hungarian thread soon,but I saw only 6 hungarian Mika fan here...oh seven,because I'm here too :biggrin2: (sorry for my bad english...)

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