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Two words to Mika


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damn your right, i would probably scream,kinda like your 4 picth scream,and i dont know what i would say


At the Borders CD signing I laughed nervously and it sounded kinda REALLY weird. sdfjsdfj I don't THINK I snorted but I kinda blacked out mentally.

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I would say:


Sexy Time!!!!!!......


Hahahahahahahaa!!!! I literlly laughed forever when I read that! All the girls that live on my floor were looking at me like I was crazy!

I would have to saw that, that was the best usage of Borat quoting of all time!

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I like that!! Kinda like wishing for more wishes. Very clever :thumb_yello:


wishing for more wishes is agaisnt the wishing rules, but i like the letter idea, i think im gunna do that for him at hos concert, write a leter and give it to him

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