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My name is Mom4unicrn and I've been a Mika fan for several months and have exposed all living people near me to Mika and most are now singing Mika songs at convienent and inconvienent times :groupwave: I have been cruising this site for a while but now that Mika is coming to the midwest I can't control myself any longer and had to join. I am basically a really boring person:blink:so not much more to say Except thanks for having this site so I can get multiple fixes. Gotta go listen to a certain CD now.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Welcome! I also lurked for a few weeks before joining. I was in denial. I couldn't keep it up though, and since joining, have realised that it's OK to have these feelings - even at my age! :roftl:


Come and join in on the boards, it's so friendly!

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