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OMG!! FiNallY Mika takin oover!


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I'm in tears!!! I just saw MIka's grace kelly video in NATIONAL TELEVISION! yey!!:shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

It's the first time I see him in anything latin! Finally!! I was shocked and in tears, I called my friends!!:punk:


I can't believe! Soon i won't be the only fan!!

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Guapo, that's great!


Mika's getting more and more popular in Slovenia as well. I'm so happy because of that. Everytime when I hear Grace Kelly on radio I get this big smile on my face and people look at me like if I was mad (well, I'm mad about Mika:roftl: ).


I think people just need some to get used to his music, because it' something new, different, special and just great!:punk:

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