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Singles Of The Week: Love Today

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Music - Singles of the Week - Monday, April 23



Debonair, with a touch of degenerate dandy, Mika ruled the charts earlier this year with his platinum selling debut album Life In Cartoon Motion and its lead single Grace Kelly, which has become one of the biggest singles of 2007 so far. Next up is Love Today, a heady euphoric rush in Mika’s inimitable style. That is to say, it rushes over you with its whirlwind of cheesy, hysterically OTT vocals, Scissor Sister-style beats and guitars and a genuine sense of its own fun. Try as hard as we might, it’s difficult to find too much fault and, instead, just take it for what it is – unbridled fun that’s a firm guilty pleasure. Mika fans will no doubt ensure that the chart success of Grace Kelly was no fluke. The CD features a new track The Only Lonely One (demo) as well as an acoustic version of album track Billy Brown that was especially recorded on Freddie Mercury’s old grand piano. There’s just no stopping Mika at the moment.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5



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From Channel 4 Music


Mika 'Love Today' (Universal)

By now you will have made up your mind whether you love Mika or you don't love Mika. You will also probably have made up your mind whether you think this song is one of the greatest and most ridiculous pop records of your year or just a painfully irritating and indulgent slice of self adoration. What do we think? We'll sit this one out on the fence...




There were 5 gold stars underneath though......

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