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Greetings from Norway!


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Ah - I just discovered Mika, thanks to my younger sister... Grace Kelly got stuck in my head for a good week, and it was quite a logical step for me to listen to rest of the album too ;)


I do love his music. Most of it makes me feel happy and good about it. Some of it really makes me sad - and one of the tracks I have still not managed to listen to the whole lenght of.. it has been a while since I last found music that touched me this way.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Thank you so much for all the nice welcomes!!!


Jepp, enda en fra Norge! (Jeg bor på Kongsvinger)


I will keep it in english here - as I would feel rather rude posting in Norwegian.


EnFa:The song I have yet not listened to all through is "Erase". (Let's just say it brings back something I would like to see forgotten...)

Ms.Mewissa<33: Thanks for the info! Sadly I am a little too old for Topp and its posters...:wink2:


I am sure I will enjoy staying here, and pick up some useful info on my way.. again thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi - I really do appreciate it!

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