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Down in the English Singles Charts


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Mika has gone down 6 places in the English Singles charts.


Awwww isn't it sad girls:thumbdown:

Love Today at number 13



6 places??? that's a bit hard...:blink: :blink:

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should have made number one... but the album has been in the charts for 14 weeks now and it is still in the top 10, no 6 this week, maybe after his live gigs he will climb again and he is on a big come back, all the d/j s when they talk about preston talk about mika with a good comment.. so next week and the week after might look very different...

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I was convinced Love Today was going to be a number one too, but the thought crossed my mind that a lot of people had already bought the album.


Also, and it pains me to say this!, I know a few people who loved GK, but hate Love Today. How very dare they?.... ! :roftl:

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Danika your right.

Dont worry guys.

Singers do have to put up with it neways.

Grace-kelly has been so successful

Like MIKA sed he doesnt mind if some people hate and somepeople love him.

that is what he wants

I bet in other countries, mika may well be 1st in the singles chart.

dya get me?x

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