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  1. Lol! yeah, I know...I thought a lot about the title, but this was the best I found Oh and...thank you
  2. Here's the first one: I chose this one because it's about a girl, Sally (does it reminds you something? ), that has lived an hard life, but now she understands that life is not ended yet Please, read it and listen to it! Sally Sally cammina per la strada senza nemmeno.... ....guardare per terra Sally è una donna che non ha più voglia ....di fare la guerra Sally ha patito troppo Sally ha già visto che cosa.... "ti può crollare addosso"! Sally è già stata "punita"... per ogni sua distrazione o debolezza... per ogni "candida carezza"... "data" p
  3. Some time ago I already translated some of my favourite italian songs in english because I felt like I had to share them with my friends (you) on myspace Now I've decided to open a thread because I wanted to share them with people who have not a myspace page too Do you want to do the same for me? love to anyone!
  4. Eir


    Zsina your dawings are always better... pityfully I have no time for exercise Yesterday night I took a break and did these two scratches...the first is not finished yet (I did less than half of the work it needs) and I have to add that it's copied, but not from the original one but from a stamp with my name ...so today I went to see the original one and it's very different I'll do it too, but in the future the second is my horrible style I like drawing people in strange poses...it's less than 7cm tall, that's why her face is so messed(0.75 cm!) I dunno why my drawings are
  5. This post gave me creeps (in a positive way...dunno how to say in english -.-" ) and moved me so much I've never been so sincere, it almost made me cry you know...I felt this way for so many years...and still do sometimes
  6. Welcome...at the wonderland
  7. Welcooome, have a wonderful time here!!
  8. Ehi welcooome! I'm happy more males are coming here, I think Freddie felt alone have a fun here! it's not a wish..you can't do otherwise
  9. Hiii! We always need new hard-die fans! Have a good time here!
  10. glad you fell in the obsession too! Welcome!!!
  11. no, I didn't see your answer to this thread... I received your mail and I wrote an answer just a few seconds after I read it...a veeeery long answer...I spent more than half an hour to write it...then it was cancelled by my stupid pc...there was an error and the window was closed.... I hadn't the courage to start it again soon...but now I swear I'm gonna answer you
  12. Thank you! Thought3: Today a friend of mine called me... He was my best friend (he's been maybe the person who helped me the most, apart from my mother, when I was depressed and I sincerely love him) until about one year ago he started to put some distance between us He had a new girlfriend and started to study hard for university... I understood he was too busy, considering that I live very far from his home and his girlfriend did too, so he had to travel a lot and study at the same time...I understood but I felt bad...I missed him very much Some weeks ago I told him
  13. Mmm...I think I'll be able to decide in the first few days of october... *keeps on praying*
  14. Yes...i think I would like to join
  15. yeah...quite fine...even if I think I'll fill this thread with thoughts tonight...it has been a strange day However... I sincerely hope to come to Turin..but I still dunno...it's a long story, but at least I have someone with a car that will carry me there...I hope Now everyday is like walking on fire...I hope to find tickets Do you know anything about sellings? are they going well? are they almost sold out?????? OMG ...Ok *breathe in-breathe out...* I'm hyperventilating...sorry
  16. Oh, thank you! I'm moved... ps: how are you???
  17. thought number 2 of the evening... I was fooled (no, not really ) I went to change a bit my sig and when I tried to save it I understood the truth: there is a limit of 2images and just 250characters I HAD TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY BELOVED, COLORFUL, ARTISTIC (omg, I'll stop here ) SIGNATURE!
  18. Why I missed your answr my dear?? I looked for it but I didn't see it in my account list ...so I wasn't able to answer grrr...anyway... WHEEEEN WILL YOU COME??? Do you already know when? I'm jumping ps. I know you are as busy as I am, don't worry...oh and I'm gonna answer your mail back...sorry, I have a not-persuading excuse for my delay ^_^"
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