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  1. Ciao, è tanto che non passo da queste parti però ora qualche tempo fa ho sentito dell'incidente di Paloma e, nonostante abbia cercato periodicamente aggiornamenti sulle sue condizioni, ho trovato ben poco... sapete dirmi qualcosa? Non mi interessano i dettagli, sono questioni private della famiglia Penniman, ma almeno vorrei capire come sta ora, se è fuori pericolo. ciao a tutti e grazie
  2. Hi Droopsy!! No, unfortunately I'm not back, now I'm working and then I'll go on holiday, so I wont be able to follow MFC for a while yet... :(

    and on october I'll start attending the second level lessons...


    But sometimes I still come here to give a look around :original:


    I'm happy you wrote me :cheerful_h4h:

  3. uh robertina! hello, how are you?

    I write in english since I remember we both love this language and I don't want to exclude people who doesn't understand our (lovely) mother language...

    So, are you still here? Any news?

    (the chance to leave a message on the profile is such a good idea, I'm sorry it wasn't possible when I was here 24h a day)

  4. hello my dear, beautiful avatar you have :)


    A great hug!

  5. Awww...it's like a dream! I can understand his surprise! Such a good presentation...and two wonderful presents! The cards, all so sparkling and colorful...full of love, and the shirt, so original! No one will wear something like that, he can be sure of it! I hope he will wear it and tell some interviewer how he had it!!! [let me dream in my little corner ]
  6. Can you believe me if I swear you I started to dance in front of the computer??? IT's SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! he's too nice
  7. I've just noticed there are something like 2500 people with 0 posts And we should add a lot of people with 1 or 2 posts.......
  8. I'm number #83 Not bad... many people who joined after me have more and more posts ...oh my god, and I was sure to be addicted to this place
  9. I dunno if the only lonely one says that he's sooo fine in the state he is in
  10. The funniest thing is that people get so panicazed (I really think this is a neologism ) that don't even manage to read till the end of the second page
  11. OMG!!!!! No, I'm kidding! I didn't believe to it for a sec But I love the idea MWUAHAHAHA *evil laugh*
  12. uhm...sometimes I hope he would be gay just to avoid that increasing part of young fans devoted only to his physical appearance...of course I'm not referring to younglings here...Mfc is (almost) an oasis and also very young people seem to be wiser then the average (or at least a very good percentage)
  13. He's gorgeous, but no good music/no Eir! It sounds rush, but it's the same for james blunt or timberlake...they're cool but I can't listen to their songs
  14. GIVE A LOOK!!! PIIINK!!!! http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5245&page=26 All for you (thanks to DaMango)
  15. Is that from a video? which one?? (enviooouuuussss grrrr )
  16. Rolling Stone..the May one I can understand you...now I can't find anything... You'll have...give time! Mika's gonna dominate the world, romanian press won't be able to ignore him
  17. I have this mag! ahah! just to make you a bit envious (omg...i shouldn't since in Italy there are just a few articles about him )
  18. Omg it's not wierd...it's physiological...there are at least 35° on the stage with all the lights pointed on you and he dances and runs without rest and even bounces around....when I go to the gym I move less then him
  19. I totally agree with you! But I have not he dvd
  20. THIS IS FAB!!! and about Caro's third post..... PURPLE WoohooooooO!!!!
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