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  1. yeah probably was done for the promotion, but pretty sure it's not pixie lott
  2. fine you clearly disagree i don't think it's that ridiculous a suggestion but ok
  3. I'm not, just the 'i love your smile bit', sounds like there are a few singers, and he did sing it when he was a child so he could have sounded like a girl. it's not thaat impossible
  4. i saw this on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWpQgqJ4jcQ didn't mika once sing for a toothpaste advert it sounds a lot like him anyone else agree...
  5. I know! I spent aall day going round different shops, and none of them had it, and now I'm really tired and still don't have it and I'm not going to the gig tonight because I have an exam tomorrow morning, and the tickets sold out... I don't know what to do :s does anyone know if I can buy it at the venue without actually going to the gig?
  6. SAME! I have two exams the next day, one starting at 8.30 D: and I don't know who will come with me... no one will if there's an exam the next day...
  7. hey um, I'd like to still be in with this, but I don't really go on here much anymore... (I'm kinda busy at the minute and just waiting for the next album etc) I'd still like to participate if I know what I'm doing... should I just wait until nearer the time to sort out adresses? I don't really know who I'm meant to send to or anything and the pictures and stuff on myspace, do we have to do that? because I don't actually have a digital camera...
  8. when I mishear people thinking they've said "Mika" when actually they've said something else... and the usual: suspenders, colourful jeans etc
  9. YAY he hasn't written anything himself for ages...
  10. these are funny - I can't stop laughing make more!
  11. doesn't really look that different. it's cool
  12. I love star wars! and the ewoks are cool
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