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  1. We usually don't put any Christmas decorations (tree included) before December 20 which is very unusual around here (most people do it here as early as late November)... My mom wishes for a real Christmas tree every year since I can remember and this year she finally came around to actually buying one, it sat on my living room for about a week or so cause we were all busy with school/work until this weekend and while I was putting the lights on and everything I felt so guilty about it...it seems so selfish to cut a tree just to see it die for a couple of weeks and throw it away or whatever. I sure did that moment of "joy" an unpleasant time for the rest of the family... When I was growing up we didn't have a proper "Christmas tree", my dad used to go to the woods and pick up branches and then we would decorate them with popcorn and put lights on...I loved them because it was different and special.. Anyways my tree looks so pretty and my mom told me we are using it for the next year as well so I don't feel so guilty now...
  2. I would make him think he's the one stalking me and ordered a restraining order against him.... What would you do if Mika decides to give up singing and started a career as model...???
  3. I'm not exactly vegetarian, cause I do eat poultry and seafood but I cut off all meat (any meat from mammals) about 5 years ago. I consider myself lucky because despite my family eats meat they have been really supportive and the first months I used to forget about the "no meat lifestyle" but they reminded me and bought all this vegetarian food. It's true what someone said about not missing meat because all of this time I have only craved meat 2-3 times back when I had just started, right now the thought, sight or smell of meat makes me nauseous so I don't think I'll ever eat meat again. If you eat properly you really don't need the meat anyways ...
  4. They're one of my top bands.... I missed them when they were in my country, unfortunately they were playing one week after the coldplay gig. Even tho the prices were really cheap the trip to the city was not and I had already booked for the coldplay gig. Oh well, maybe next time...
  5. Mine is bright orange too!! I painted my room when we first moved in, I finished decorate it and ended up a combination of ethnic/African/hippie theme which I loved, then I went away to college and my sister trashed it. The color is still the same, tho. The only bad thing about the color is that my room has like 2 huge windows (rly huuuge)and like at 6:00 am you get this bright weird lightning from the sunrise...
  6. Oh! thank you for your words, I was starting to worried about it even tho I know it's gonna be fine. That story is funny, that you couldn't see and yet you could talk about the room , I got the feeling that right after my surgery a) I'm gonna talk nonsense or b) fall in and out of consciousness
  7. In The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant I've never heard Mika anywhere but the telly, my ipod/computer The day that happens I'm gonna go crazy
  8. My phone is an old Nokia and it does what it is supposed to do: phone calls & texting...no cameras or music players. the highest tech it's the color screen. Both my ring tone and the background are the default ones. The only cool thing is that is black with this bright red stripe that blinks when you get a call, text..and that it has very simple lines
  9. I've been in pain since high school... I get these really mild but annoying little pains for a day or two and then I don't feel anything for 2-3 months and again. The last time I went to the dentist she never mentioned anything about getting them out... I get rly scared about any major physical pain, is general anesthesia painful, I mean afterwards, during the recovery? Cos I'm having surgery done in a few months and the thought of it has started to freak me out
  10. and now every record store in Orange Grove is gonna send him a bill (interests included) claiming they were "robbed" by the rich & famous Mika.....now that's what I call fun
  11. nice article, thanks 4 posting & translating No depressive or sad (or whatever was it) second album pretty please I like sarcastic and irreverent just like LiCM but upgraded
  12. Oh dear! I guess that's what happens when you're in a crowded place singing your lungs out! What I hate about deo are the stains in my clothes, tho I'm not sure if it is the deo or just the sweat. what bothers me the most are my hands, they get all wet and cold when I get nervous, which occurs a lot. A friend of mine tells me that when I'm like one of my classmates, who turns into a fan anything around him to keep his hands dry, then I'll have a "sweating problem".....
  13. That's so cool, he's definitely one of my favorite directors. I just saw The Corpse Bride and it is genius!! Love his films..
  14. I've never heard of it...I'll look it up. Thanks
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