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    No job, atm. I babysit for money... (I'm only 15...)
  1. I preferred his hair curlllyy but it still looks good
  2. I can still probably do it but atm I'm swamped in coursework and homework and I haven't found the time. I've hardly been posting on the MFC coz of the amount of stuff I've got to do. I'll probably give it to you at the last minute lol. xx
  3. Ooh is it possible I can help? I'm not sure what to do though...
  4. IngievV (another user) made it for me. XD There's a thread with it and others in it.
  5. Heyyy! Welcome to the Mfccccccc. XD xxxx
  6. I have uniformmm. It sucks. I'm sick of people from my school laughing at me because of my dress sense. Wtf?? What's the point? I'm not changing my image for them. JEEBUSSSSSS. Lol
  7. I have my own stylee... I just wear stuff I like. I sometimes wear black or I wear bright colours. Some people are against me coz of the way I dress. It really pisses me off loll.
  8. I was 16 days late, and I came out facing the wrong way so they had to put this thing on my head to suck me out. I had this lump on my head for ages and then when my hair starting growing, I had a weird hair parting and I still do. My friend was over a month late. o_O
  9. So sorry to here of your loss...
  10. I had another dream the other night with Mika in it. He was playing a gig on my school field and he asked me to come on stage... I got so nervous I fainted. Haha... Then he helped me up but my physics teacher came on the stage and she told me I had to go back and do some work with the rest of the class and she handed me a huge pile of textbooks and made me work all through them... then I woke up. o_O
  11. Yayy. That's awesome. I loved the videos as well, they were well cute, especially the second one at the end, 'HI, HI, PUFFI AMI YUMI!'
  12. I would love to join in on this but I don't have a camera... so I guess I can't. Oh welllll.
  13. Haha. I love itt! I loved that interview...
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