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  1. Got your emails! Merci Anne :)

  2. I know what you mean, such amazing memories from this day! Both the signing and the party were super special Why didn't we meet by the way?! Next time for sure!
  3. I'm very impressed by his message as well! Such a long and touching post explaining everything. The fact that everything is written down makes things so much easier for people who want to donate: it's much more convenient to click on a link instead of writing the whole url you heard during a vid risking to make spelling errors etc. He even wrote it in three languages and gave different links to donate for different countries! Such attention to detail, he knows how to do things properly! I'm absolutely certain that it will raise awareness and motivate people to donate. And needless to say the video was so much fun too! He should be very proud of his ice bucket challenge:wub2:
  4. Mobistar just posted the video at the train station http://www.mobistar.be/fr/offre/have-nice-day/mika#govideo It's awesome, love it!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Mika!!! Wishing you health, happiness and everything else you wish for yourself
  6. Love this vid! And what a great prize this comp gives away, you can't imagine how I wish I could participate!! Good luck to everyone who's able to enter:thumb_yello:
  7. When I first read about the taxi/ship I hadnt imagined it to be that huge. That is an impressive ship and that somehow makes it even funnier to be calling it a taxi! So much looking forward to watching the show tomorrow
  8. Loved watching this video!! He shouldn't have felt responsible or bad that Violetta didn't make it to the top two. It was 100% obvious to everyone who has followed last year's competition that he's done such an amazing work with the girls and that he had helped them SO much. "Un cuore che canta" absolutely love this phrase!! It describes in the most beautiful way possible what makes a singer special. And I believe it describes Mika's performances very accurately
  9. Great pic! Yet another very very stylish suit and most importantly a wonderful smile! Very much looking forward to watching the show on my tv this Saturday
  10. oh so many pics!! merci Virginie! love that scarf he's wearing
  11. So glad we get to see videos of this, loved the GK performance!! Looking forward to hearing more about this event
  12. If you decide to write a message to Mika then yes you should send a pic to represent yourself. If you're participating in any of the other sections of the book then you don't. In which section are you interested to take part?

  13. Here's the thread http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30902

    You can find all the information you need about the yearbook there and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me :)

  14. What a great choice of song! It's beautiful. I had no idea about the story about lyrics. It's true that the mystery adds a bit more magic to the song!
  15. That is a vey interesting interview! The way he talks about art and the creative process is truly inspiring! Especially love this quote: "Io invece sogno a occhi apperti" Can't wait to see the design for the new collaboration with swatch!!
  16. Great idea Marina to create a thread about this. It definitely deserves its own thread, that way even more people will hopefully discover this very inspiring speech! Reading all this makes me admire Mika even more and can't help but say once again that he is so incredibly brave!! And without a doubt he deserves all the support and success in the world!!
  17. Love this quote! It describes the creative process in such a poetic and wonderful way:wub2:
  18. Hi Alba!

    Send everything as a simple email if that's the most convenient to you. And of course you can send me more than one pic!

    Thanks for participating!

  19. awww you're welcome:huglove: I'm so happy to be working for the yearbook!

  20. Lovely video! Watching it is kinda like being there at the contest. And I like the choice of indigo as a lucid dream color. I would have chosen a shade of blue too and maybe also white.