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  1. I totally agree with Zhenya. I've been to many gigs in France over the years and people have always been very polite. They're the most enthusiastic audience I have ever seen and there never was any rude behavior whatsoever.
  2. Thank you for the pics! Very glad you had such a great time! It was a fantastic gig, so wish I could have been there! The energy was incredible, Mika's performances were amazing and I'm so glad that he got such a warm and enthusiastic reaction from the crowd! Absolutely loved Lollipop and Origin of Love with the Italian lyrics, they really made me smile:wub2: Btw did anyone hear the radio interview?
  3. Watching again L'Aigle Noir video and I'm beyond impressed by this performance! Mika sung so beautifully and in such a sensitive way! Absolutely adore his performance:wub2: I've been hoping to hear one more Barbara cover ever since I listened to La Solitude live in Colmar a few years ago. And since this happens to be my favorite Barbara song hearing Mika sing it was a dream come true for me. Really hope that at some point he'll sing this at one of his gigs too just like he did with La Solitude. Also super excited about the news of having a new single next month!!!
  4. Thanks for letting us know about Elle, going to buy the magazine today. It's so interesting to hear about artists and writers whose work he admires. Very much agree with the comparison between Woodring's characters and the very early Walt Disney cartoons. I could very easily imagine Fran appearing on Steamboat Willie for example. It's also so cool to discover artists you hadnt heard before thanks to Mika mentioning them. Cant believe I didnt know about James Turell until now. Was just checking his site and I think his use of color and light is pretty fascinating. It must be really cool to see an exhibition of his work.
  5. Just read the article, so happy and excited about the album news!!
  6. This gift is fantastic! Huge bravo to everyone involved in organizing it and to all the fans who participated in it!! If I'd known about it I would have definitely been interesting in taken part in it. From now on I'll read twitter more carefully in order not to miss anything like this. What a lovely idea to send the chocolate piano, what a beautiful gesture:wub2: And of course how heartwarming to read that he liked this gift so much:wub2:
  7. Came across and watched once again the il talento vince sempre vid. It really made me smile. I have a very very positive feeling about this new Italian adventure, I really believe it will be fascinating to follow it. Somehow I'm even more excited about this than I was for the first one. A few days before it was announced I was thinking a lot about it, about how amazingly cool it would be it there was one more Italian adventure. Needless to say hearing the si to the new XF season made me smile so much!! Really looking forward to hearing more about it
  8. Was watching the Bourges concert again, such amazing performances!! My favorite moment of the gig is Ma Jeunesse. This song is so beautiful and so touching, I really hope I get to hear it live some day:wub2:
  9. Just read this on twitter too. I was pretty sure it'd be a proper gig ever since Mika tweeted about doing a concert in Napoli. The fact that nutella posted the exact times etc is great news indeed!!
  10. Thanks for the info! So it seems that this event is very much like a festival with a few opening acts and Mika being the headliner. Thats good:thumb_yello: Hope they give more information about which time each artist will be on stage etc soon.
  11. You're welcome! Imagine an orchestral Mika concert at this wonderful place, cant wait:wub2:
  12. I've been looking at the virtual tour here http://placedesarts.com/rooms/main-rooms/maison-symphonique-de-montreal.en.html you can really get a feeling of how it is to be in the salle and approximately see how things look from your seat. It's such an impressive and beautiful venue!
  13. Was just watching again the video of Kiss, how amazing it is!! It's been like a dream come true for me to hear Mika cover a Prince song. Mika's performance was excellent:wub2: By the way I think this week's suit was certainly the best one so far. Super classy and the butterflies were such a wonderful detail! Mika said that Amir is really good but last week's performance was better than this one's.
  14. I'm fine, thank you! :huglove:

  15. I'm fine, thanks! :huglove:

  16. Hi:bye:

    Thanks for letting me know about it!

    Happy belated Birthday to you!!:flowers2:

  17. Thanks for all the links everyone! This is a very important event, so glad he was invited to perform there! Great to see from all the pics and vids that he rocked as always (not that we could ever have doubts about that!) and that the audience loved his performance!
  18. You did a great job with the video! Love how it has some of the best and most fun moments of The Voice!! Watching it really made me smile I was sure that Saturday will be great! Lovely to hear it from someone who was at the recordings too:thumb_yello: Can't wait to watch the next episode!!
  19. Trasnslation: @Doriandavencund Excited about the new French songs with my friend @mikasounds And may I add that I'm too super excited to read this tweet!! Can't wait to hear the songs!!!
  20. Thats a great, very interesting interview! It made me smile that he mentioned the show in Switzerland, that was pretty amazing indeed! Totally agree with what he says about liking both the big and the more intimate shows! It's wonderful to have the experience of both types of gigs. Also regardless of being small or big all of Mika's concerts are always super special!! And love that he mentioned the theatre residency, hope this happens very soon:wub2:
  21. I agree with you, this battle was a very good moment of the show. I'm really impressed by Mika's song choices for all the battles. He always managed to find the right songs that would allow the contestants to show emotion and give great performances.
  22. Always love watching Mika at The Voice but yesterday's episode was super special!!! What a beautiful performance full of emotion and sensitivity!! Absolutely amazing and perfect!:wub2:
  23. Was reading about The Voice earlier (this article about Mika being the most popular of the coaches http://www.chartsinfrance.net/actualite/news-90968.html) and I couldn't help but start thinking again about what a brilliant job he's doing at this show. These past three weeks I've been so impressed by the song choices! From classics like Aznavour and Bowie to the contemporary ones such as London Grammar they're all so good. La classe as the French would say. And most importantly they're songs that allow the contestants to show emotion and sensitivity. Mika is doing such an excellent work over there! They couldnt have asked for a better coach really!! So much looking forward to watching the next episodes, especially this Saturday with the performance of Underwater! (Btw don't know if it's been posted here but I read on twitter that Mika will be singing Underwater during Voice la suite on 15 March) PS, they're such a super cool team with Kylie, absolutely love seeing the vids of them working together!!
  24. That was a lovely article. Also it was pretty great to hear the radio interview yesterday, somehow it really made me smile! SO excited about all those new things! And can I just say once again that I can't wait to listen to the new songs:wub2: