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  1. Happy Birthday to You !!



  2. čau! :D bāc, es te TIK reti ienāku! sorrij! :D

  3. egita

    Hey Ewii, kur ta tu esi pazudusi??? ;) ;) ;)

  4. soooo cute i love this pic my first thought was: is that he's new girlfriend?!!!
  5. well,if Mika will be in Ireland, I will fly there !!! i promise I will can see my mom
  6. OMM REALLY? SO FAST? ok ok , i know its not 100% safe ,but my heart beats now faster of course it will need a lot more time when it will be here,so i will buy it from internet like DVD LICM CANT WAIT
  7. ha ha , your plans are very good about Renārs and his childrens From Lithuania I know only Foxxy ... she is the best! i love her we are very good Skype friends
  8. OMM! so awesome bag!!!! i want to buy it... how much
  9. in Latvia will be big party u can read more: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16420
  10. ha ha, what is that other human?
  11. you two doesn't know it? i was trying write at google.com "mika screensaver" he find something but my computer was warning me about viruses in them so i dont downloaded them
  12. does anybody have mika's screensaver? i have seen it, a very long time ago. It was like relax or lollipop video. So cool and beautiful, but i lost it so where can I get it ?
  13. wow i like them. very interesting! and yeah, very mikish
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