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  1. Im good, a little bit on cloud 9 actually:wub2:
  2. Wow back in the old post whore thread where i belong, how is everyone?
  3. I good thanks, currently still trying to recover from the weekend, but what a great weekend it was! Where is everyone, where is shaza????
  4. Whoo hoo!!! Celebration time i have the internet back!! How is everyone??? I ve missed you guys:flowers2:
  5. Hello! How are all the post whores? I still have no internet:-( but im off away this weekend scuba diving so that should be fun! Oh and how good does mr m look in the new pictures, soo healthy. Anyways i ll be checking in again soon to see what you post whores have been chatting about. Catch you laters:-)
  6. Yep thats soo true! Im off to get some beauty sleep speak to you soon.
  7. Hello and welcome to MFC! I can see other people have done a great job at giving you some info about the forums but please dont hesitate to pm me if you need anything i will do my best to help.
  8. Hello all my fellow post whores! I hope you are all well. Im still having big problems with my internet can only access the internet on my phone which is a nightmare cause its soo slow! Hopefully it will all be sorted soon cause i miss talking to all you guys! Anyways continue to proudly whore away speak to you all soon! (Fingers crossed) i guess the advantage of having no internet is im getting way more sleep than i used too:-)
  9. Hi girlies, i may not be on here much over the next few days having problems with my internet/computer. Speak to you all soon!
  10. thats a weird myspace, hes stuck his face on all the pics:blink: i wonder where all our little whores are tonight:confused: :drunk_sing:i love this smilie
  11. hello guys, i know i said i wouldnt be on tonight but change of plans. :boxed:i need some distraction
  12. Hello my fellow post whores, how are we all?? *wow this thread moves fast!* I ve been feeling rubbish all day, Theres an overview of my symptoms (i ve always wanted to use that smilie:naughty:) I went to bed early last night and woke up feeling ill, maybe im supposed just survive on 5 hours sleep??? I ve been for an interview this afternoon, went very well and i have signed up with an agency who are goning to find me some teaching work. Anyways i wont be on here much tonight cause i have to babysit, but i ll speak to you all tomorrows!
  13. Ok well im gonna go get an early nights sleep for a change, well earlyish anyway (11:36pm) Bye!
  14. Ok as shaza once said about me, Mmm i wonder where she is??? Its great fun i ve been doing it about 2 years, we do some really fast dances and there not all cowboyish at all, we do some to the Scissor Sisters and Mika! ( the latter one being from my request:roftl:) I think i ve stayed up till 2 am everyday for the last 2 weeks:boxed:
  15. Im good thanks a bit tierd, just got home from linedancing. Now wheres the queen post whore aka Shaza???
  16. *Bursts in!!* Woo hello my fellow whores!! How are we all tonight???
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