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  1. I wondered where you were... See dont say i dont ever tell you anything usefull. I had to tell someone, that important information has been going round and round in my head, feel much better now. And where better to post it but in here, i knew its randomness would be appreciated.
  2. Oh well i better go and rest my poor brain, its soo full of important information. Night night!
  3. It all started with a random conversation with my boyfriend the other day, these facts have been stuck in my head for 2 days i needed to tell someone!!! Oh and ants never sleep.
  4. Heres another one for you, wait for it, Mosquitoes have 47 teeth!
  5. Yep i kinda thought that too, i can see that its going to have a real benefit on the future quality of my life now that i know that fact. I feel soo random tonight.
  6. Did you know, that jellyfish sleep at night! *mmm feel like a bit of whoring tonight.....*
  7. Hi and welcome to Mfc!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the concert, its seems ages since i saw him cant wait to go again. Feel free to post in here as much as you want, it would be nice to liven this thread up a little. Also pm me if theres anything i can help you with and dont forget to look up who your world rep is, im sure they would love to hear from you. Happy posting! Steph
  8. Aaaah thanks! I do my best to help its nice to see you are gaining confidence, happy posting!
  9. Yep i have distractions, one in particular:wub2: lol
  10. Im feeling kinda bad cause i ve totally neglected Mika and MFC over the last few months:thumbdown: trying to catch up on everything i ve missed!!
  11. Re-discovering my love for Mika! Whilst eating ice cream and catching up on all the Mika gossip that i missed out on in the last month!
  12. Oh god i ve missed this thread! Must not stay away soo long:thumbdown:
  13. Whats happening peoples????!! Im in a very random mood at the mo, uh oh, shaza thats how this whole thread started!! lol:naughty:
  14. Ok i have been neglecting this thread and the mfc lately (you know how real life seems to get in the way:thumbdown:) but im stll here checking in now and again to see whats happening, and if any one needs anything they are still free to pm me and i will get back to them asap. Hopefully i ll be around more soon, actively posting, just as soon as i get my birthday over with! Happy posting and welcome all newbies i may have missed!
  15. Yep its been ages, been really busy and yep i was away for 2 weeks too in france. Had a really nice time very hot and sunny! Shame about the yukky wet weather now:thumbdown: Holidays are ok, kinda bored now still looking for work as money situation is getting a bit desperate! How are you? So exciting that you finally came to london and what better reason to come, aah russell.
  16. Hello! I havent been on here for ages, loads to catch up on!
  17. Oh wow i havent been in here for soo long! I missed talking to all you guys, things have just been really busy! And what better day to drop by than Mika's birthday! 1 week till my birthday, the grand old age of 21! Hope everyone is well, speak to you soon:thumb_yello:
  18. Hello and welcome to mfc!! Your english seems very good to me, much better than my german anyway. If you need anything please dont hesitate to ask me, i ll do my best to help.
  19. Hi everyone!! Im just stopping by to see how everyone is, I hope eveyone is good:thumb_yello: I wish i could stop and chat but you know how life gets in the way!
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