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  1. Glad to see you back, it soo sad cause people just keep seem to be leaving.
  2. Haha thats me! Im poor too:thumbdown: good job i have rich boyfriend, only joking! lol Im off to france for 2 weeks in july:thumb_yello: Goodnight!!!
  3. Well im gonna go get some much needed beauty sleep, see you all soon!!!
  4. Hehe, i was actually saying hell no, to turning him down:naughty: Me too:thumbdown: OOh did someone say party!!!???
  5. Ooh i havent been in here for ages! I should have known id find you here:naughty:
  6. Yep, LICM which i havent listened yo in a whole week:shocked: i still absolutley love it though:wub2: Are you ging to go to bed soon? (I am since its midnight!)
  7. Umm let me think about it....HELL NO! I think he d have to be my free pass. Me is unemployed too:thumbdown:
  8. Im not bad thanks, and you? Im just doing abit of casual whoring:fisch:
  9. Its sad there seems to be soo many people leaving mfc:thumbdown:
  10. Yes soo pretty! Have you ever watched a sunset/sunrise?
  11. Yes i guess so:blink:, we drink alot of water, do loadsa washing etc.... Have you ever wished upon a star?
  12. I think the obsession may be refreshed when the new album comes out but at the mo im kinda just bored of waiting for something to happen, what with the whole so called being 'official' thing and the really long awaited new album. I dont think alex has anything to worry about
  13. Nope i can be as much of a whore as i want and he ll never know! I did slightly confess to him about my mika obsession the other day, he just laughed i dont think he realised how serious i was:roftl: Although my mika obsession has seriously warn off compared with what it was, i havent listen to LICM for over a week until today, i still love it though:wub2:
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