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    Mika's soul mate! =D
  1. You are Chai tea There are many subtle sides to your personality. You are difficult to decode. You are a complex and deep individual. You have many nuanced beliefs, and your mood frequently changes. You are a creative and expressive person. You draw your inspiration from the whole world. You enjoy exotic food, music, and travel. Your tastes are very international. Hmm..seems good enough...except for the moodswings...I'm not moody at all:boxed:
  2. Midnight sun is written from EDWARD'S perspective!!!! OMGOSH HOW I LOVE HIM! He makes me despair and lose ALL hope in the world's species of MALES. Gosh....seriously..thanks, Stephanie..now I'll NEVER find a man.
  3. I haven't been out much either Dubai (used to live there) Australia (Now live there) France England Libya Malta Switzerland Singapore Egypt Tunisia Yep..I think that's about it!
  4. Again..as I said in the other thread....impossible! It just cant be! How can it be ready so soon?
  5. My god....how I wish I could go to Lebanon!!!
  6. Come on..that's impossible...how can it be ready already??!!
  7. Oh WOWWWWWW!!!!! He has GOT to be the most ADORABLE, FUN-TO-BE-WITH person that I have ever ever ever ever ever EVER SEEN!!!!!
  8. Those eyes...those lips...my god....he's KILLING me all over again...
  9. Omg...that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! like...WOW!!!! You're AMAZING!!! I..I dunno what else to say!!!...WOW!
  10. Isn't it a bit too early for a biography?? I dunno...I find it a tad too early..
  11. Hawwwww Mika!!!! I am soo soo sooo proud of you!!!!! You deserve all the best, angel!!! :blush-anim-cl:
  12. I certainly hope so!!!
  13. My guess is....Mexican fried chicken??
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