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  1. Hello- There is a plan that before the Philly show a few of us are going to video MFC'ers running the MFC flaf up the steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum (where Rocky ran) BUT do it in the best Mikaesque way as possible.

    WE'd love to have you and your ideas in making this happen.

    Please PM me if you come and or your ideas.

    Thank you,


    Here is the link to how this idea got started


  2. haha they already think im bonkersss!!! so what time is everyone thinking about getting there cause i was shooting for around noon! haha i know it may sounds early but i REALLY want to get an amazing spot with the general admission
  3. omg he was so good in philly last time im so happy hes comming again and on a weekend because of school but im kinda nervous because im bringing all my friends that arent like fans but i know i can spread the word of mika and have an AMAZING TIME!!!!!
  4. ahh i cant help but be upset of corse the 18 thing is not good but the show is also on the day that i leave for my trip to Germany for 2 weeks!!! If he tours in the US when im away ill just cry this trip is really ruining a lot of stuff MFCers in germany im gonna need some comfort while there, no lie
  5. i love this song!! it reminds me of a grease-esque doo-op kinda sound from the 50's like it slow and miserable but at the same time the pauses make it so upbeat and hopeful AMAZING!!!
  6. i love everything about this song..its just SO clever and it totally reminds me of the saying "theres always more fish in the sea" or something like that, but its like lady jane found HER fish and she loves him and she loses her life for him the whole sorrow thing reminds me of Ernest Hemmingway. Just finished reading The Old Man and the Sea and for some reason he came into my mind once i saw the songs
  7. i love it sooo much...it reminds me of the willy wonka factory but like gone wrong and in the future simply amazing:thumb_yello:
  8. I think maybe it shouldnt have Grace Kelly...lets show people some songs thay maybe dont know, eh? and my input for the extra songs are Crying Blood by VV Brown Keep Your Head by the Ting Tings
  9. your welcome so much hope you can make it...hope i can make it if you do and i do ill be the one wearing a lollipop girl costume (made it myself) haha
  10. ive already asked like 10 people im barely friends with AND its my facebook status...i need to go!!!
  11. OMG just got a message on facebook that the Ting Tings are playing a free show in Philly on Halloween!!! FRIDAY OCTOBER 31, 2008 FREE! ALL AGES! Doors @ 7:30 PM DETAILS BELOW @ The Barbary 951 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125 215-423-8342 I hate that none of my friends like the music i like or else i could hop on the train and head over in my amazing lollipop girl costume I'll jus ask random people because it seems AMAZING!!!!
  12. ok so maybe im the only one who thought it was amzing....?
  13. So today i saw VV Brown for the first time on YouTube on the Island Reconds Page (i was watching mika's movie trailer!) and i watched her video because it looked kinda cool and legit im already obsessed!!!! Shes so origional and ive honestly never heard anything like it. Its like a jazzy swingy poppy mix and i cant really describe it Watch her video for crying blood here..im sure youll love it if you havent seen it before http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3-Q4T7bC2c
  14. i would totally vote for you if i saw that so funny
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