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  1. @Kumazzz Thank you for posting my videos here! I have a few more videos left that I'm going to post soon 😊
  2. Hello everyone, My little sister can't go to Mika's show in Luxembourg on the 29th January. She's currently selling her ticket at the same price she paid for it (43.50€) but she's willing to let it go for a lower price Contact me if interested 🙂
  3. @mellody I'm not from Luxembourg but I took the trains there a few times in the past weeks and it does cost only 2€ for public transports in Luxembourg and they are valid for 2 hours ( starts from the moment you buy your ticket). From my experience, the trains are usually on time. I think children need their own ticket but I'm not 100% sure about that 🙂
  4. That was my last show of the year... But it was nice to end it with a show in my local area The videos I took (You can hear my little sisters time to time but otherwise the sound is good): - Over My Shoulder: - No Place In Heaven: - End of Happy Ending: - Lollipop: - Talk About You: - Staring At The Sun: And my pictures:
  5. The show was absolutely amazing, one of the best I've ever done! I took some videos (and, for once, the sound quality is good!) - Happy Ending (with the accapella part ): - L'amour Fait Ce Qu'il Veut: - Promiseland: - Boum Boum Boum: - Relax: And the pictures I took:
  6. I absolutely loved the show I only took two videos: - No Place In Heaven: - Promiseland + part of We Are Golden: I also took pictures, everything is on my facebook:
  7. I enjoyed the show even if I would have liked if he played more new songs. But I was happy to hear Staring At The Sun live Here are the videos I took : Big Girl : Staring At The Sun : Rain : My mother also filmed Staring At The Sun + Underwater, I'll post it on youtube tomorrow
  8. I was there and it was so great to see him again ! Here are the videos I took : Boum Boum Boum : Good Guys : Last Party : We Are Golden : Talk About You :
  9. I'm so happy !! Luxembourg and Belgium are so close to my place ! And I'm really happy Mika is finally coming in Lorraine... I can't wait to buy my tickets !
  10. Good news, there will have a season 10 ! I was so happy to read this tweet !