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  1. This is such a beautiful song
  2. That was my last show of the year... But it was nice to end it with a show in my local area The videos I took (You can hear my little sisters time to time but otherwise the sound is good): - Over My Shoulder: - No Place In Heaven: - End of Happy Ending: - Lollipop: - Talk About You: - Staring At The Sun: And my pictures:
  3. The show was absolutely amazing, one of the best I've ever done! I took some videos (and, for once, the sound quality is good!) - Happy Ending (with the accapella part ): - L'amour Fait Ce Qu'il Veut: - Promiseland: - Boum Boum Boum: - Relax: And the pictures I took:
  4. I absolutely loved the show I only took two videos: - No Place In Heaven: - Promiseland + part of We Are Golden: I also took pictures, everything is on my facebook:
  5. I enjoyed the show even if I would have liked if he played more new songs. But I was happy to hear Staring At The Sun live Here are the videos I took : Big Girl : Staring At The Sun : Rain : My mother also filmed Staring At The Sun + Underwater, I'll post it on youtube tomorrow
  6. I was there and it was so great to see him again ! Here are the videos I took : Boum Boum Boum : Good Guys : Last Party : We Are Golden : Talk About You :
  7. I'm so happy !! Luxembourg and Belgium are so close to my place ! And I'm really happy Mika is finally coming in Lorraine... I can't wait to buy my tickets !
  8. Good news, there will have a season 10 ! I was so happy to read this tweet !
  9. The charts right now ! #8 Underwater #61 Elle Me Dit #62 Relax, Take It Easy #108 Grace Kelly #116 Rain #143 Love Today #191 Lollipop #209 Happy Ending #243 Big Girl #10 The Origin of Love #36 Life In Cartoon Motion #105 The Boy Who Knew Too Much
  10. There is also a new video : and an interview :!EUUuNQLt2LZ6E/ I made a translation: Why did you agreed to participate at The Voice? First, I like the concept of the show. I think it's fun. I like to take risks. I also appreciate the fact that we don't humiliate people, because they all have a certain level. I like the idea of revealing myself a little in the context of a music program. I want to have the greatest freedom possible to make my records and it's also important to communicate my personality. Did you watch the last seasons ? Most of the time, I watch TV when I'm in England or the United States, because I work there. I watched it in the United States, where they give more instructions. Here, there are nothing. We are not making TV, we do what we want. We are sincere even when we fight, it's true. I had proposals from other countries, but I can't say more. Besides the United States, France has the best show in the world. There is a subtlety, an intelligence. This is the most sincere version. And I love France! This is the first time since my childhood that I can spend more time here. This country is in my heart. Was it difficult to integrate in a jury already formed 2 years ago ? No, not at all. We're all working musicians. We're still touring, doing albums. We have a professional deal because we all have pretty much the same life, the same job. So it's very easy to integrate. What kind of coach are you ? I swore to myself that if I was doing a TV show, I had to do it as I want. I will not change. I imagine I'm in the studio with musicians or in a pub with friends at 10pm and I say exactly what I think. Sometimes I'm hard but only with people who have potential. We always need critics. What kind of voice are you looking for in this program ? I'm looking for someone who can communicate emotion. I've a problem with people who are listenning themselves. I don't necessarily want a Toyota 4x4. I'm looking for vintage cars, even very ugly 80s cars. That doesn't mean I'm looking for the most technically impressive voice. The truth is that I'm looking for a singer who can make albums. I make my choices thinking about the album and saying:'' Is that makes me want to write a song? ''' Is it going to tempt other authors to write songs?'' the voice is 50% song and prod represent the other 50%. How would you describe your team ? My team is extremely beautiful. Imagine fragile voices of 3 guys together with a cello and two guitars singing a song by Charlotte Gainsbourg,2 great theatrical voice interpreting a title of David Bowie,'' Life On Mars'', or a fado and folk singer singing'' Mama'' by Charles Aznavour. They aren't necessarily the greatest voices of the competition. You will be helped in your work by Kylie Minogue. Why did you choose her ? First, because I love her. It's clear! In fact, it's a professional of pop music. This is a star in the world and she has a long career. Kylie comes from TV and she survived this transition. She found her style and remains faithful. She is still sexy and naughty, even if she has more than 25 years old. Candidates can consider her as a source of inspiration. She has such a discipline to herself that I knew she would be quite sharp and very frank criticism. In this context, it's perfect, because she understands the dangers, the realities of the situation. It may be dangerous or a fabulous experience. There is a lot of media and in a few months, there will be nothing. Did you created an affinity with the other coaches ? Yes with all of them, but in a completely different way. Florent Pagny and I, we are always fighting but we love each other. I have enormous respect for him. I love him ! He is kind , sincere and frank .With Garou ,it 's like 2 guys in a pub. And Jenifer is like my little sister. I understood you did some mistakes in French from time to time. Did you revise between the recordings ? No, I have Florent Pagny ! He's everything I need. He's a dictionary, a grammar teacher. He corrects me every 30 seconds. He laughs about me and says: '' You can't say that ! '. I ask him to shut up when I'm talking, but he continues. Once, I told a singer she was good and he corrected me. You have joined the jury of The Voice, we also saw you in "Les Enfoirés" . Are you planning ,one day, to record an album in French? Maybe after all Florent Pagny's lessons. But now, I have to work.