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  1. Same here. I live in Cote d'Ivoire and YouTube video is 'not available' although I can watch and have been able to watch all the other stuff on his YouTube channel. And no Spotify here either. Deezer is the only one working for me.
  2. I gave myself a day to calm down and think it through and I still love it as much as I loved it yesterday! 😁 I love the playful beginning. I love the switch between 'pop' and full orchestra sound. I love his voice. That low 'for you' sends shivers down my spine. I'm really in love with the lyrics, such a cool way to describe love and emotions with music! I guess only a musician could have an idea to write a love song like that! Although he did say that it's also about love for music, didn't he? Also, Mika's doing an awesome job writing music for movies, I think. The song is such a perfect soundtrack for those series, considering its main theme. Didn't he mention writing music for musicals one day?
  3. No, Spotify isn't available where I live and I gave up on trying to get to it That's why I'm so thankful for MFC and all the sweet ppl sharing information and videos and such. Sometimes I feel like I live on another planet and will never get even close to where Mika might possibly be..so it's a blessing to have MFC and MFC friends ❤
  4. Did they send the lyrics?!? Thank you so much for sharing!! 😍
  5. He looks like the Indian kids in my class, with coconut oil in their hair 😁 maybe he's on hair-growing, hair-pampering spree 😆
  6. Do you have some domestic  animals? (dog, cat) i 've a dog

    good week

  7. Jeez I must have missed it. Now I can't stop listening to this! He sounds amazing!
  8. Same here! Enjoyed those lower sensual notes so much! It just sounds so...delicious
  9. Your comment about his baritone and him not using it enough echoes my exact thoughts! Can't wait to hear what he makes of it! Kind of nervous for him too 😅
  10. Привет! Я- Оля. Мы действительно тут все меньше и меньше болтаем. Но можно ж всегда вернуться! Давайте знакомиться!
  11. Какой ужас!!!! Ещё год ждать? Когда следующая каза Мика хоть выйдет? Где-то про лето читала....
  12. Выбирайтесь сюда, будем новый сайт обсуждать