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  1. Happy Birthday



  2. I have the same problem with Turkish spotify, the song is just not there 🤨
  3. I like the song, I'd say it's cute I'd prefer Mika to sing it alone of course, but I like Vianney's voice. So it's 7 out of 10 for me.
  4. Hello! I've got two tickets, one to Florence theatre gig and one to Florence arena gig. I can't go and can't sell them as I'm in Russia. So if you want these tickets you should sent money not to me but to some charitable foundation which helps Ukraine. Dm me if you're interested. Edit: theatre Quarto Settore Settore: Palchi 2 Ordine Fila: 9 - Posto: A arena Platea Settore: Platea Fila: 9 - Posto: 13
  5. Unfortunately you need to give your phone number without it VK won't let you in, it's a new policy
  6. Hi, sorry I saw this a bit late This VK community is mine, it is closed community only for members so you need to send a request to join it. After that you won't have any problems with watching videos.
  7. This site doesn't work for me with my VPN, but thank you! Me too, I need it for Maneskin fans who want to watch XF online Thank you, Eriko! This one works fine for me
  8. Non Italian fans, where do you watch X Factor live online?
  9. I love love love this little snippet! It gives me a cozy feeling as if I'm listening to a song I loved before but forgot about it for a long time
  10. Because he already won The Voice. Only contestants who didn't win before took part in The Voice All Stars.
  11. I can't watch it live anyway because there's 5 hours (6 hours in winter) time difference with Europe for me
  12. Is there any hope to see XF this year for those who are not in Italy?
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