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  1. You can watch full video on VK:
  2. This video makes me dizzy, literally The changes of light, colours and frames are too fast. And Mika is almost not seen, it's too dark. I don't get this concept of making two almost identical videos. It's like Mika spent all his money on TL and Sanremo and decided to make something simple and cheap
  3. It's an official statement! I managed to love this album at last! It took some time and some sad days, when I thought even about a day when I stop being Mika's fan, but hey, it is still Mika after all. So after some efforts I found my way to listen to it and I'm happy! Even if this album has many resembles with other songs, well Mika made his songs better
  4. So does Mika still write songs about relationships he had before Andy more then 13 years ago? Or does he white songs about other people again? And what about the most personal album then
  5. So, there's been some progress I begin to like more songs. I like Blue, it sounds like the most Mikaish song on the album and reminds me of Un Soleil Mal Lune at some point. And Cry, yes exactly! It's a really nice song, though the lyrics are quite simple and it sounds like George Michael (music) meets Justin Timberlake (vocals), I think I can cope with it Actually there're many mistakes with it's lyrics in an album booklet.
  6. I don't say I hate or "hate" Cry or any other song. I don't say I don't like the album, the album is OK, not great, but nice. One problem is I can't get used to such a mainstream, commercial sound. I didn't expect this from Mika, I loved his music because it was so different. MNIMH is not different, almost every song sounds like some other song and as @ellie said: And this is the second problem. The most important thing is that I don't have that special feeling I used to have when I listened to Mika's music for the first time. Many songs are nice, but they just don't catch me. Though I think Tiny Love and Tomorrow are among the best Mika's songs, I love them. So at least I have something to be happy about.
  7. This album has two really great songs, a couple of nice songs, all the rest is commercial, mainstream, mediocre or just boring music. Do I feel guilty about what I think of the album while 99 percent of fans believe it's a masterpiece? No, I feel disappointment. I'm not disappointed in my reaction to the album, I'm disappointed in Mika. Yes, it's a bit sad, but that's OK. Yesterday I listened to Origin Of Love (song). I asked myself how Mika could record something like Cry or Stay High and call it authentic? Origin Of Love is authentic. Cry for instance is just 100% George Michael and 0% Mika. It's still nice song, but I expect Mika's music to be outstanding. Well, it's not anymore.
  8. I listened to the new songs this morning and now the whole album, some new songs twice. So I have an opinion The only new song I really like is "Ready to call this love", amazing duet! I'm not really sure about the rest. Paloma, I went to hell and Blue definitely deserve a better sound. And it is so weird to hear something like Cry, Stay High and Platform Ballerinas from Mika. These songs are too pop, too mainstream, even remind of Britney Spears at some point And it's not a compliment So my two favourite songs are Tiny Love and Tomorrow, I like Sanremo and even Jealousy a lot now, Ice Cream is cool, Ready to call this love is great. That's all. MNIMH is the weakest Mika's album to me. Well Mika's voice sounds really beautiful, lyrics of Paloma, I went to hell and Blue are really strong. Though song is not a poem, music is the main thing in a song and musically MNIMH is not good enough. Mika can do better, still can do better I hope.
  9. After some time I can say that I love Tomorrow I still think the production is weak side of the song. It's not Mikaish mostly because there's no piano in it as well as in other new songs except for Tiny Love. However Tomorrow is now my second favourite song after Tiny Love
  10. And why this mainstream sound again? Tomorrow has the same problem as Dear Jealousy, Sanremo and even Ice Cream. The melody is great, the sound is too pop, too simple, too flat. After 4 albums and Tiny Love I know Mika can do better. I have this feeling I don't like that that special Mika's sound was really Greg Wells's sound. Good thing is all the songs seem to sound much better live and we'll have a live album.
  11. I feel this song, like I feel Tiny Love, somewhere deep inside I'm sure it will be wonderful!
  12. Thanks! It was something sooo familiar in "Dear Jealousy"'s refrain and now I know what! I like the song but not that much. It sounds like some mainstream pop song and not so mikaish at all.
  13. But this woman is definitely NOT the woman from the video. She looks very different.
  14. I watched the video and listened to the song without watching 5 or 6 times. And I can say it's not just a song it's the whole world of music! I can hear references to Queen, The Beatles, to the piano of Elton John, even Lighthouse Family and other different music. And on the top of it Mika's music, all his previous songs. This song is marvelous! Lyrics are very beautiful! I can't wait to buy the song and to listen to it in the best quality! I like the song video very much too, it reminds me of Happy Ending and Good Guys.
  15. Happy Birthday :naughty:



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