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  1. But there's still no information from Ticketmaster about Mika's gigs I need another refund.
  2. Thank you very much! But! Ticketone changed the application form and now it is possible to add bank information for not Europeans! I've just sent my request and got a confirmation e-mail!
  3. Russian bank account numbers begin from 4. I tried to enter it but it kept saying that the number is wrong. Anyway after I left the page and then came back I saw that my request was sent. But I don't remember what information was there when I left the page I wrote a letter to ticketone, we'll see what and if they reply.
  4. Yes, I googled. Russia doesn't use IBAN system. We use SWIFT plus account number to get money from abroad.
  5. To get a refund you need to enter IBAN code. But we don't have it in Russia. Very nice (No).
  6. Yes I got it, I just decided to put the links for information here, because there were only screens on this thread and it took time to find it
  7. Here are the links to ticketmaster: https://help.ticketmaster.it/hc/en-us/articles/360007905958-Refund-request-event-list and https://help.ticketmaster.it/hc/en-us/sections/360001929797-Cancelled-or-rescheduled-events-for-COVID-19 and ticketone: https://www.ticketone.it/campaign/en/covid-19/?awc=9567_1600185380_cbdb8626fb63468ed6f733a85ef63a59&cHash=a548a95cd8415dcc921aea1e7212ab1e&utm_campaign=textlink&utm_content=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teamworld.it%2F&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=awin
  8. I begin to enjoy this song after all I think it's a magic of a live performance. Things that made me feel uncomfortable don't bother me that much anymore. And I love the lyrics! I read it in Italian though my knowing of the language is quite poor, but the lyrics is not complicated. So it helps me to feel this song better too.
  9. Can you please tell me what should I do if I got my voucher? Do I have to make another request to get a refund? Or they will do it automatically?
  10. I managed to hold tears perhaps that's why I feel myself so sad. I didn't watch "Lion King" and "Bambi" And I'd prefer this cartoon to be only about life and friendship. I have enough deaths around me in real life for the last couple of years. Well, I know it's just a cartoon, but it's not the kind of emotions I want to get from Mika and his music at the moment.
  11. Poor squirrel It's really not what I need these days. This video makes me want to cry. To cry about cartoon squirrel. Why this story has to be so sad?
  12. Exactly! The most of Europe is closed for Russia. We can travel to about 7 countries or so with many restrictions. Personally I want Mika to keep from touring as long as possible
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