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  1. This gif was made from Vergo's Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJoTQxRqZRt/ There are more Mika moments in the video though we saw all of them on XF and Dailies except this part on the gif I made.
  2. I'm sure not everyone knows that so I'll write a bit about Russian traditions First of all our Christmas is on the 7th of January. Yup It is because Russian Orthodox church lives in Julian calendar, it is a traditional thing. In the times of USSR all religious celebrations were prohibited. But our authorities couldn't leave people without Christmas so they adopted Christmas attributes for new year's celebration. We don't have Christmas tree but we have New Year's tree which looks the same. We have Ded Moroz (ded - old man or grandfather, moroz - frost) and he has no connection with any s
  3. Well yes we have, but many countries have the same landscape
  4. You do remember it right I still have no idea what is the connection between Russia and roller coaster as long as roller coaster was invented in United States.
  5. We all are so different I love Youth & Love very much! I like this new song too, but not that much
  6. I got a refund from Ticketmaster today! Still no news from Ticketone.
  7. Mika definitely has the weakest team. They all are very strong personalities, a couple of guys are handsome, but there're no really strong or interesting voices in Mika's team unfortunately. But this is a challenge for him
  8. Ticketmaster works better then Ticketone. I sent my request (only my name, phone number and order number) on the 1st of October and received three e-mails from them since than. The last one was today and it's said they'll send my money back in 10 days. And they didn't ask me my bank account details
  9. But there's still no information from Ticketmaster about Mika's gigs I need another refund.
  10. Thank you very much! But! Ticketone changed the application form and now it is possible to add bank information for not Europeans! I've just sent my request and got a confirmation e-mail!
  11. Russian bank account numbers begin from 4. I tried to enter it but it kept saying that the number is wrong. Anyway after I left the page and then came back I saw that my request was sent. But I don't remember what information was there when I left the page 😅 I wrote a letter to ticketone, we'll see what and if they reply.
  12. Yes, I googled. Russia doesn't use IBAN system. We use SWIFT plus account number to get money from abroad.
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