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  1. He's not invited as a Super coach 😉, he is going to perform with the talents
  2. His description reminds of this concert of George Michael. From 31:00
  3. The sources of information that I used for charts and sales are reliable. iTunes charts don't represent anything in the total sales. Nowadays, streaming represents the biggest part of sales and MNIMH didn't manage to enter any Spotify chart at any country which justify the fact that Mika was #1 on iTunes in France for the whole week but at the end he finished #6 when they added physical sales and streaming. Fortunately, at least ticket sales for his shows are encouraging.
  4. I just saw it. I hope he is going to be able to realize all his projects especially for the tour, he is self-funding his shows, he used the voice budget to fund his concerts too but that is not going to last for so long.
  5. Yes, the digital sales are included. I find sales numbers in forums or twitter accounts which are dedicated to analyse charts ans sales for each country
  6. The album sold 1000 copies in italy The sales are clearly disappointing, I hope he is going to keep his positive energy to deal with that
  7. NPIH didn't have a hit too, the break of 4 years has an important effect
  8. In france, the album sold between 6 000 and 7 000 copies 😢
  9. I wasn't expecting that, but the album enters at #6 😫 in France, that's his bad entrance ever, I am shocked LICM, TBWKTM and TOOL were #1 and NPIH #2
  10. Tomorrow we will get the official charts, I hope he can get his #1 in France this week and to be in the top20 in the UK