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  1. Greg asked them to give an honest response about how they feel about the lesson with Mika and if they find his way of being meticulous fair or not. Some of them said that they are OK with it and that they understood what he is coming from and will have to work hard and Rosalie said that she was "tortured" (I guess that is the word she used.) I might be just over-interpreting, you know when it comes to Mika it's not always easy to take remarks because we know he puts his heart into his work
  2. Just some thoughts. I am watching the coaching given by Gregory Charles. Is he really criticizing the work of Mika with the candidates and his way of teaching? I know that he tried to highlight the importance of communication and how it is important to give time to people to assimilate your ideas and not expect an immediate result, but it sounded like a direct critic. I can understand as one of the contestant said that she was frustrated during the lesson with Mika, but still, the candidates are there to learn, and each teacher have a different way of teaching. Mika knows exactly what he wants and expects them to be at the level of his expectations, he is there for only 2 weeks and he is clearly giving his all so they better do the same.
  3. @Prisca He is doing well, he is happy, and talked about this accident with a smile .
  4. Mika appeared in tonight's episode, just for few minutes; An update concerning his quarantine , he fell in the lake next the house, he basically didn't see it because it was frozen, he walked into it and fell into frozen water
  5. You can also watch it from this account https://vk.com/frmusic they add the voice france episodes and many other french programs
  6. Here is what I think about the first episode, The rhythm of the show was slow and boring at times, it is hard to create a show without audience because they add a lot to the dynamic of the show, Some talents were really good and I understand that Mika will not take part of the program at this stage, the talents are numerous at this stage of the competition, I guess this is why they didn't give collective performances. The stage is huge it looked sometimes empty, for sure it will be a great opportunity for Mika to create fantastic live shows.
  7. Yes, we miss him, I will follow Star Academie instagram account, hopefully they will share his video message
  8. I am wondering if he will travel to Quebec in these circumstances and how his role as artistic director will be affected by what happened
  9. Does anyone have access to this interview? https://www.lemonde.fr/m-perso/article/2021/02/05/un-apero-avec-mika-on-peut-danser-avec-des-larmes-dans-les-yeux_6068953_4497916.html?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1612549785
  10. His mother died few days after the concert of Versailles, she left him the responsibility to stay always driven by creativity
  11. I don't remember exactly, he said that he imagine himself being a woman many times because he grew up with 3 sisters and always thought what would be different if he was a woman, he thinks that he didn't have to face a lot of the things his sisters had to deal with because he is a man. He also said that virility and masculine aspects are not a preoccupation for him and he wasn't raised this way, if he was a woman he would be a butch with short hair and he emphasizes the idea of being a butch.
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