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  1. Bonne anniversaire :flowers2:

    1. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Merci beaucoup!! thank you so much!!

  2. He wasn't there, We have been waiting for hours, he confirmed his intervention on instagram story, then he deleted it 😥😥😓 🤐
  3. this is working for me
  4. Can someone please share the video? I had a meeting when he was live
  5. People don't even realize the chance they have to see Mika live, I see them more enthusiastic about a rapper "Lorenzo", Let them discover him on stage and have a shock !!!
  6. !!!!?????????? She did meet him, right?
  7. My "dynamics of structures" prof is asking us to choose one favourite song to play it at the beginning of class. 😆 What am gonna choose?

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    2. silver


      I'd choose something livelier - Kick-Ass maybe.

    3. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      He just wanted to make students more interested in the class maybe 🤨 thank you for the suggestion

    4. Dominika


      I'm thinking about Rain since you mention weather condition :lol3:

  8. Can someone record it please there is no replay option on there website
  9. It's not working from the US too Edit: I changed the location indicated on the site and the streaming worked, Thank god, I was nervous not to be able to watch it
  10. We are gonna lose 😓 if only Pokora didn't retweet the post, we could have our chance
  11. He's not an international star, apart from french speaking countries, he is unknown. You can't absolutely compare him to Mika.
  12. Vote for Mika !!!! the votes are close !!!!