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  1. I don't remember exactly, he said that he imagine himself being a woman many times because he grew up with 3 sisters and always thought what would be different if he was a woman, he thinks that he didn't have to face a lot of the things his sisters had to deal with because he is a man. He also said that virility and masculine aspects are not a preoccupation for him and he wasn't raised this way, if he was a woman he would be a butch with short hair and he emphasizes the idea of being a butch.
  2. Guys in the US, I found this link for the live streaming of France 2 https://www.tntendirect.com/FRANCE-2-en-direct
  3. Thank you Anna! you're the best! (Now, I will miss the deadline to submit a report )
  4. Am I the only one who likes him with the beard, it looked good on him, it didn't make him look older 🤔 🥰
  5. Yes, the anniversary season will be aired in September next year, they decided to start the registration now, because it is practical for them, so that they don't have to remove the decor and rebuild the studio a second time, and also because the coaches are available, I guess Mika will be at Montreal the beginning of next year
  6. Glad that we are all excited to see him back on the Voice,.After the tour was canceled this is a great opportunity to keep in touch with the fans, even though we'll have to wait until September 2021 to watch the anniversary season,. Also, grateful for XFactor, it is keeping us busy
  7. The black witch is E**a, Vergo deserves to stay, even Manuelito expressed his regrets
  8. I agree with you, Blind, Melancholia and Casadilego seem to have the most support from the judges and the public, and to be honest I am not impressed by the performances of Blind and Melancholia (so much screaming for me) at all. Vergo has a strong song "Bomba", I think he will pass the first round, for Naip, I like his song "Attenti al loop" but I am afraid the public will let him down, he is really talented tho
  9. I don't think he is fake, but he is shy and not aware of his capabilities as a singer, I am happy that he is in Mika's team
  10. I am a bit worried for Naip this week, hopefully, he'll manage to pass the first round and we can hear his cover, Emma is doing all she can to save Blue Phelix
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