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  1. Amy hudsone

    Tour rumours 2019

    So excited to hear these news, we are waiting for the confirmation from his record label, à lot of artists are releasing new music nowadays(pink, Madonna, m pokora in France) i guess he's waiting for his tour and how the record label arranged it. So stay tuned !!!!!!
  2. It's been a long time since we had a real update from Mika, hope he's doing well!!!!

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    2. Mikasister


      Single and  video, please :wink2:

    3. Dominika


      Yes, yes, yes!!! :naughty::cheer:

    4. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Yeeees!!! 4 weeks left for the directs, and he'll face fans questions again after the recording, we'll know then if nothing is announced in the few coming weeks

  3. Amy hudsone

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    yes, and also because from the clip of the coaches dancing, Leona Winter is singing and she's from Jenifer's team
  4. 1 554 575 First month : 1 000 000 Second month : 300 000 Third month : 250 000
  5. What they meant is that MIka is thé only singer who managed to convince french public with non-french songs which is really non common to achieve, stomae sings only in french. The only remark that i have is that the report could've been much more better, parc des princes still his biggest achievement in France, showing it is necessary, but Well
  6. Ok, that's how I hear it It's ok, one word isn't a problem
  7. No, the first one is "Listen to the sound of my "Lust" for you And in the second one he says "love" instead
  8. Are those the official lyrics, because I'm hearing " Listen to the sound of my lust for you", can we verify?
  9. It's hard to be a Mika fan

    1. Mikasister


      Agree :thumb_yello:

    2. silver


      But in the end, always worth it

    3. Paoletta


      @Amy hudsone yeah but Mika is a perfect singer for me :lol3::thumb_yello:and silver he's right Always Worth it yes yes!!

  10. What if they repost it to say that it's not not about the car, may be it's designed for the tour
  11. Blue is a feminine colour
  12. I don't know but I feel like like greg wells is throwing some shade to Mika 


    1. Paoletta


      @ Amy hudsone really ? :dunno:

    2. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      never mind, that's may be only me overreacting

  13. Well I'm really confused now, to me it's a boy, but who knows may be you're right that's really confusing