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  1. He was mentioned in an event previously and he didn't show up and also didn't send a message, I don't know this time, I am afraid we will not see him
  2. WOOHOOO It's incredible, I am sooo happy they put their hearts in this project and it's worth it
  3. If you mean by followers, "instagram followers", they don't represent fans who are willing to buy tickets. BTS are really huge in the US, they have young fans, mainly girls. But I would be glad to be wrong 🥰
  4. I don'y know, we saw the views on youtube, it was around 60 000, maybe it didn't show all the views, but I would be really surprised if they reach 700 000, like . For BTS concert the ticket costs $25, but it's BTS the biggest boys band currently
  5. I don't think they broke this record, it's huge. Maybe, they broke records in some countries (France, Italy, Mexico...)
  6. Yes you are right, and I guess if you buy a ticket for AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & ASIA, you can watch the concert Sunday at noon
  7. Are you going to stay up till 3am to rewatch it!!!!! I have just seen the trailer published by Canal plus it looks amazing! Also, I checked time sone, doesn't 10pm NZST correspond to 12pm in Europe
  8. you can see if another time can be adequate for you For example, I bought a ticket for Europe and I live in the US, so that I can watch the concert Saturday at 3pm and then a second time at 9pm
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