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  1. I was expecting a little bit more colourful and distinguished suit
  2. This rieminds me of some antic jewlery, earings that look that way, I like them
  3. This looks so sophisticated and fancy Mika said that he doesn't like fashion and he prefers to have a style not a fashion, what is he gonna do there we'll see
  4. @Mikasister for live stream
  5. so this means that we are gonna see Mika on the red carpet tonight
  6. Amy hudsone

    Mika's collaboration with LP

    Hello, here are some article reviewing the album or talking about "house on fire" we can try to find the critics, it's interesting to read them
  7. MIKA co-wrote and produced a song for LP "house on fire"

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Dominika


      That's fantastic news!
      It seems that he doesn't use nicknames anymore :teehee:

    3. Paoletta


      Always the house of Mika i like it :teehee:

    4. Paoletta
  8. Amy hudsone

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Thank you, but I can't hear what he's saying
  9. Max is in italy, I don't know what he is doing to his hair, something is in preparation



    a music video???


    1. Dominika


      So many questions and no answer :lol3:

    2. Mikasister


      As you could see, Max was there because they played some songs.

    3. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Yes and he changed his hair color as you can see from the videos yesterday

  10. Hello girls!!! as you might have seen, Mika is about to release his album next year qnd he wasn't contacted by his label and they haven't yet heard any song from the album. And you remember in an italian talk, Mika asked us his fans to support him on twitter. So, I was wondering, is there a way, something we can do, an action plan, to promote him. If many people participate, I don't know we can achieve something. If you have any idea or remark  let me know.



    1. krysady


      Yes, it seems his record label gave up on him and he does this album by his own... but at least he said he gained a lot of freedom, so let's hope everything will be fine in the end :original:

      I've also seen that interview and I understood that he asked to Twitter as social media platform to promote his album, in exchange for the promotion he did talking so much about Twitter in that interview, not to his fans... it was some kind of joke :naughty:  But I am sure that when the album will be released, his fans will make some noise all over the media :thumb_yello:

    2. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Yeah for sure we're gonna talk about the album on social media

      internet has more impact now so it's no more about waiting for the label to do something so I was wondering if an organised mouvement may be more efficient

    3. krysady


      I know that something similar have been organized for the last album, but with quite low results... the most powerful advertising it's probably TV and radio stations, and we already know that they prefer mainstream artists rather than Mika. But who knows, we can keep the hope :wink2:

  11. Amy hudsone

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    les descriptions détaillées font l'affaire
  12. Amy hudsone

    Mika in [Suite Parentale] November 6, 2018 in France 4

    some articles say that he's gonna be present in the studio to talk, I thought first that it was just a registered interview
  13. Amy hudsone

    MIKA in French Press - 2018

    I forgot to say that he mentionned that may be this car may appear on a video clip, he was just talking, but he might be serious
  14. Amy hudsone

    MIKA in French Press - 2018

    the interview was about his collaboration with peugeot, as it took place in their stand the main idea is that this collaboration allows him to keep working and being creative and it's a privilege because a collaboration with an important brand gives him what his label can't give to him nowadays (a little sad eyes while saying that) what's important to him are live shows, concerts to keep on telling his story and to bring people to his universe
  15. ok Mika: " une collaboration donne accès à des choses que la maison de disque ne donne plus aujourd'hui "