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  1. Bonjour, J'ai deux billets supplementaires pour Lyon BLOC I - Rang 0 - Place 88 / Cat 2 BLOC O - Rang 0 - Place 161 / Cat 1 Dm ici ou instagram : narmemene // Hello, I have two spare tickets for Lyon BLOC I - Rang 0 - Place 88 / Cat 2 BLOC O - Rang 0 - Place 161 / Cat 1 Pm here or instagram : narmemene
  2. Hello ! Looking for one ticket for Rennes (standing ticket!). If you have a spare one let me know. Thank you !
  3. Lmaooo no don't worry, I took the sitting ones and I still can hope to find something else during the next few months aha
  4. Thank you was looking mostly for standing tickets, but might for this since it's the only thing left
  5. It seems lyon is already sold out ? Or I can't buy any tickets on ticketmaster...completely missed buying those, if anyone has two spare ticket, im definitely buying them. Thank you in advance ! Lyon semble être sold out, si quelqu'un a deux tickets supplementaires à vendre, je suis preneuse. Merci d avance !!!
  6. 📢SPARE TICKET📢 1 ticket Lyon, March, 19th 2024 Seat Bloc O Rang 0 place/seat 161 RMP possible sur Lyon ou saint Étienne Insta & Twitter : virgiinie_ (or DM here I will put you in contact)
  7. 📢SPARE TICKET📢 🎫4 tickets for MIKA Bercy gig on 25/03 🏅GOLDEN Area O, rank 16, places 25 to 28. DM @ melanie_nini on instagram, she is the one reselling the tickets ! Or DM me here, I can put you in contact with her. Thank you !
  8. Hello! My friend has a ticket to sell for Carcassonne - France 22/07 Carré or A1-46 (front row) - 59€ Please PM if you interested Have a nice day EDIT : SOLD
  9. Coucou je suis une jument, tu veux faire ma connaissance ?

  10. Salut tu es très jolie j'adore tes photos sur instagram on dirait un top model

    1. Narimène


      Merci bg on va boire un verre?

    2. Cerise


      Fais gaffe @Narimène, c'est un homme de 53 ans qui se cache derrière ce compte.

    3. Cyrielle


      ouiiiiii narimene

  11. Hello! I have two spare tickets for Perpignan, carré or - row 4 - seats 30-29. 65€ each. DM if you interested. Thank you. - Coucou! J'ai deux tickets pour Perpignan, carré or - rang 4 - places 30-29. 65€ par billet. DM si vous êtes intéressé. Merci.
  12. Paiement effectué pour Narimene, Cerise, Cyrielle et Yasmine ☺️
  13. Hi! As you might have heard mika gonna perform at the disney pride on the 6th of June. I bought one early bird ticket for the pride concert but turns out I won't be able to make it, i litteraly forgot i have a wedding that day 😥 Anyways if any of you is interested and didn't buy the ticket yet let me know! Thank you!
  14. Bonjour, J'ai une place pour Bercy carré or à revendre. Gradin O rang 26 place 26. Contactez moi ici ou par mail sinon (narimene.belbachir@gmail.com). edit: Revendu au prix d'achat, 78,50!
  15. Hi you! I liked your story Welcome to the MFC, enjoy your stay
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