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  1. Hi! As you might have heard mika gonna perform at the disney pride on the 6th of June. I bought one early bird ticket for the pride concert but turns out I won't be able to make it, i litteraly forgot i have a wedding that day 😥 Anyways if any of you is interested and didn't buy the ticket yet let me know! Thank you!
  2. Bonjour, J'ai une place pour Bercy carré or à revendre. Gradin O rang 26 place 26. Contactez moi ici ou par mail sinon ( edit: Revendu au prix d'achat, 78,50!
  3. Hi you! I liked your story Welcome to the MFC, enjoy your stay
  4. Well that's my first post on this thread, glad to see a doctor who thread on the MFC! First thing first: I started the TV show a few month ago. (had some help from a fellow whovian/mikafan to catch up everyting ) So basically that's the first time I watch a doctor who episode "in live". So to sum up my feelings: wow I loved this episode. I loved seeing the doctor again (and his guitare) , I loved meeting Bill (she is sooo lovely). This episode was simple and yet full of emotions. I like the way the season started and I can't wait to see the rest of it. Plus let's be honest, the teaser at the end makes me think this season is going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g.(I mean those last seconds )
  5. Yes gost is the only one alive. But we don't know what happened to arya's wolf in season 1 when the Wolf escaped. So somewhere in the wild there is another wolf. And bran's wolf death made me think : summer dies, winter is coming. Like if the death of the wolf was a parallelism with what is happening in the show. By the way we know the origin of white walkers too! Anyway I love the way they lead this season. But i'm realising we are in the middle of season 6 this is quiet sad..
  6. I watched last night episode (I did watch it when the episode leaked shame I couldn't wait ^^) and this episode hurted my feelings. The last five minutes reduced me to tears.. I mean summer's death :'( :'( it looks like this season isn't good for the wolves.. and we finally know why hodor is hodor! But his death was horrible too. Even if he wasn't the most important character he was so kind and now without him and summer I don't know what bran will do
  7. It only concerns trains? The bus that are link with the sncf aren't concerned?
  8. I was so happy to see Jon and Sansa, I was so afraid that he leaves before she comes. Anyway we gonna have some great fight soon! In the North, in king's Landing and in Westeros. And Daenerys gonna my get interesting again I'm looking forward to see what she's gonna do with her great new army of dothraki.
  9. I've noticed it as many people. I first thought it was a mistake but then I've seen on the Internet many explaination about it. Lots of them say that maybe the necklace isn't the only thing that keeps her young. Another explaination is that during this scene when you see the face of Stannis's wife you guess that she is seeing something like if she was seeing melissandre as an old woman but the illusion of a pretty young woman was still there for the spectator. And I've seen that a few years ago Carice who plays Melissandre has mentioned that maybe Melissandre may be older than she looks so I don't think this is really a mistake
  10. I'm selling one ticket for Grenoble 30th May. This is a standing ticket. Pm me if you are interested or contact me on Twitter @narmemene
  11. Je l'ai vu déjà vu la tenue je sais pas encore mais je sais juste que je voulais me faire une sorte de bandana avec trois rubans tressés un bleu un blanc un rouge, il faut que je trouve l'occasion d'aller m'occuper de ça! En tout cas compte sur moi
  12. I'm also a little bit afraid that Jon leaves before sansa comes.. so close to have two stark together (well a stark and a snow but you know what I mean) and yet we may not have it. It would be so frustrating.. I've read the same thing about Arya I do believe she will not stay there forever, she has much more to do. I loved the way they show her evolution. I guess she can go by herself and kick some ass right now hoping that jaqen hagar won't mind if she leaves though
  13. This episode was great! And the scene at the Tower of joy was so exciting! We are starting to have all the pieces about the theory of Jon's parents I'm so excited!! Looking forward to have the final word of what happened there. And Allister Thorne and all the rest finally had wad they deserved. Even if I was a little bit sad that Olly hated that much Jon by the way I was glad to see Jon having an important place on the show again! There is so many things that are happening my head is going to blow! I'm so afraid for Rickon!! But maybe it's going to be the reason that makes Jon marches on Winterfell soon? We will see... And I have the feeling that Cersei and Jaime are planning something terrible *gloups* ... And about Daenerys It's starting to be boring I hope that Drogon will show up soon and take her out of here Anyway looking forward for next episode
  14. About Roose watching him die made me happy *what goes around comes around* but on the other way It gives TOO much power to Ramsey... And when you know Ramsey you don't want him to have power! ^^ Then Theon's uncle makes me think of the Ramsey of the Iron Island, he seems to be a psycho too! Can't wait to see what they are going to do with him.