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  1. An MFC app, that sounds so amazing, I hope it happens Xxx
  2. Yeah I know, what happens if it doesn't come?
  3. I suppose we will all just be waiting for a little while longer☹️
  4. Who else is super excited for Mikas book?? Yes me too!???? However, I haven't heard anything about the book and I'm so desperate to at least have an update. If anyone knows anything about his book, please keep everyone updated????????‍♀️❤
  5. School is too hard. Luckily I have the MFC for all the support I need!

    1. frenchfan84


      At least you certainly don't have to wake up at 3.30am to work before school and not even getting paid for it...

    2. littledevil#222


      My first day of grade 8 is soon and I'm terrified.

    3. Sonelle


      you sure have us babe <3 Alwayss <3

  6. Asked for Sinfonia Pop for Christmas, counting down the days!

    1. frenchfan84


      Omg that is à brillant idea ! I did the same XD I think that we might be some Mikafan XD probably XD

    2. niamhcarolan_


      I really hope we both get the DVD then we will both have a Merry Mika Christmas :)

  7. Well who is excited for Christmas, it's so close ahhh!

  8. Buon compleannos Fedez!!
  9. Sat in the middle of a field right now, in my sleeping bag which is in my tent... All I can think about it Mika... He is keeping me from freezing to death❤

    1. littledevil#222


      So he is literally the one thing keeping you alive?

    2. niamhcarolan_


      Yes he was, thankful he kept me alive and I'm home now... Much warmer than I was hahah

  10. If you're a moderator, can you still use the MFC normally as though you were just a member but with an extra responsibility?
  11. I'm an English speaker! I'll add you as a friend and you can message me whenever you like!Xx
  12. Can I just say, instead of English think British because I know Australia speaks English obviously????
  13. Hey guys, my name is Niamh! I couldn't find any English speaking topics so I decided to make one. I myself speak some Spanish, I learn in school and I love it! Feel free to just have general chin wags in here, I love making new friends????X
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