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  1. Hi everyone I am enjoying my time in MFC so far I got MIKA'S PENS the other day!!! They are so great and so smooth lol and they have MIKA all over them!! (How cool is that MIKA emoji wow)
  2. Olivia.x


    I knew who he was in 2007 and I liked Life In Cartoon Motion, but I have recently rediscovered him. I saw him on the X Factor with Louis Walsh and I remembered him. I searched all his new songs and now No Place In Heaven is my favourite album and Porcelain is my favourite song. I listened to him on BBC Radio 2 on Boxing Day and I look forward to New Years Day! I also like stating at the sun but I feel like it is not as mikanessy
  3. Olivia.x


    Hi guys! My name is Olivia and I'm from England! I am a Holosexual 💅 (simply nailogical), but I also looooove MIKA very much! He is the best singer in the world! I listen to his songs in French as I am learning the language at school, which is ever so helpful! But of course his English songs are amazing too! I can't wait for his new music and all his merchandise. I'm going to buy ALL his pens! He's called Penniman and he is making pens, that's amazing! Bye Like my comments