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  1. Olivia.x

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    mika pens are great
  2. Olivia.x


    Hi everyone I am enjoying my time in MFC so far I got MIKA'S PENS the other day!!! They are so great and so smooth lol and they have MIKA all over them!! (How cool is that MIKA emoji wow)
  3. Olivia.x

    Fan Survey?

    Done it
  4. Olivia.x


    I knew who he was in 2007 and I liked Life In Cartoon Motion, but I have recently rediscovered him. I saw him on the X Factor with Louis Walsh and I remembered him. I searched all his new songs and now No Place In Heaven is my favourite album and Porcelain is my favourite song. I listened to him on BBC Radio 2 on Boxing Day and I look forward to New Years Day! I also like stating at the sun but I feel like it is not as mikanessy
  5. Olivia.x

    MIKA in Pitch Perfect 3

    Hahahaha I saw that too so cool
  6. Olivia.x


    Hi guys! My name is Olivia and I'm from England! I am a Holosexual 💅 (simply nailogical), but I also looooove MIKA very much! He is the best singer in the world! I listen to his songs in French as I am learning the language at school, which is ever so helpful! But of course his English songs are amazing too! I can't wait for his new music and all his merchandise. I'm going to buy ALL his pens! He's called Penniman and he is making pens, that's amazing! Bye Like my comments