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    I binged the entire first season. It was greatt. But Luci and Chloe didn't even kiss! I need to see them together in season 2😤
  2. There are so many things I find attractive in these 3 seconds. Mika. The sunshine. Mika in the sunshine. Mika in the sweatshirt. Mika in the sunshine wearing the said sweatshirt💯
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    He is purr-fect. And he burned the wings (they were quite pretty). His reactions to Trixie are hilarious! He actually tried to play fetch with her 😂 and Trixie is so adorable ❤
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    I started Lucifer and I am very much in love 💯 I don't know why I was putting this off for so long. Lucifer's bluntness and charms are very refreshing. And how fitting it is for the devil to have a deliciously proper accent. And I am so glad this thread exists. I am on episode 4 right now but I know how I am going to spend the weekend(s).
  5. I absolutely love it when Mika shares his reading interests!
  6. I just saw this! Manahil here from Pakistan. Could you please add me?
  7. The reasonable human side of me wants to respect his desire to go and get ripped (if that is the case) but the crazy fangirl in me is dying at the thought😱
  8. That's interesting for sure. I didn't think much of it but this does seem like a brilliant marketing strategy. I was rather hoping that Mika would raise his promotion game this year. He keeps saying how he's fine not being a mainstream artist in the US but in my opinion, he hasn't been good at selling his music. From what I have seen, people either like him or they don't know of him. He is very pleased with all the praise at the moment so maybe this will inspire him to put an effort.
  9. Rosa is the 'cool' that Jake aspires to be 🙊 And can we please talk about the look on Jake's face when Amy drops that kiss?
  10. And Captain, with his expressionless face and voice 😆 Scully and Hitchcock are the worst but I still like them😂 sometimes they all have these 'clever' moments and I am like "oh I totally forgot they are NYPD detectives". The Halloween heist episodes are good detective work.
  11. I also love his weird sexual remarks😆 Jake: Boyle, why don't you show Danger what a fax machine is. Charles: Okay. Imagine a letter had unprotected sex with a phone. And I also quite like Doug Judy and Jake's chemistry. And Jake's weirdly catchy songs.
  12. Since I am on S6, I'll just say when I was on S3, I thought the same (wink) probably because Gina and Simon Cowell share a soul and they'd only marry themselves. But if this were a crappy show, Gina and Boyle's fling would surely mean a relationship. And I am quite frankly tired of that cliché storyline. Besides, Boyle seems happy being an ex-lover/brother xD.
  13. So was I. At one point, I was sure she was eenie meenie miny moe-ing the judges.
  14. No doubt no doubt no doubt 😂 Fox cancelled the show after S5. NBC picked the show for S6 the next day. So the joke's on Fox. And I agree. Everyone brings a distinct flavour to the show. So no favourites for me (I am really bad at picking out favourites, I don't even know why I asked😱) The best part is how everything is good-normal. For the first two seasons I expected Terry to end up cheating on his wife or Boyle and Gina to fall in love or Boyle and Rosa to hook up and Boyle is hurt or someone dying.
  15. I loved them all. The song choices were brilliant. And Mika's laugh after blocking Jenifer is some mood💯 he looks so proud of himself😂
  16. Noice. You are doing fine! It's been 3 years for me. I still can't believe they almost cancelled this beauty. Who's your favourite character? (A trick question: Do you ship Jake and Amy?)
  17. Any B99 fans here? I absolutely love the show! It gives me life. For real. Not even kidding. And what are you all watching nowadays?