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  1. I know this was cancelled, but when was this even announced? Couldn't have been when the NA Revelation Tour was announced cuz I was disappointed at the fact that the only closest show was in San Diego🤔 but I guess it's a good thing I never saw this or I'd be upset (but understanding!) of the cancellation
  2. I especially love the transition from the Interlude into Tomorrow it really adds something to the song for me
  3. Love this album! I loved so many of these versions of the songs he performed, like Lollipop and Popular Song, so having them in really good quality is great 😊
  4. I feel like if there was going to be a physical copy it would've been revealed by now since it releases tomorrow.. a bummer but oh well
  5. Reminds me for the longest time I always thought it was "Ain't no bad things on the wall"
  6. I really hope there's gonna be a physical version I absolutely love getting physical media
  7. Ahhh this one is the closest one out of all the places in the tour for me but still too far (9 hours away😓) Hope those who are able to go here though have a great time!
  8. Was gonna say this lol Either that or how colorful and abstract his first 2 album covers were is what comes to mind
  9. Feel kinda dopey posting my more cartoony drawings of Mika when the last few contributions to this thread have been really talented realism artwork but here are a couple of drawings I did last year 😅 Also a bonus really early rough sketch I kinda abandoned for some reason, kinda didn't like how it was coming out I guess?
  10. I really love the little Sanrio looking MIKA drawings, they're so cute
  11. Dilo

    Hi there!

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome, I look forward to seeing you all around! 😊
  12. Dilo

    Hi there!

    Hello! I'm Dillon from the United States, 22. I've lurked on this forum for a couple years probably to just keep up with Mika news but never made an account until now 😅 kinda shy I guess. I've been aware of Mika since like 2008-9? Dunno exactly when but I do know I found him out through trying to find a song online but instead finding Lollipop and I fell in love and would listen to that all the time. Finally relearned about him though back in 2012-ish and have just been casually following his work. Overtime I started falling more in love with his music and he became my favorite musician. I also went to a show last year in the Tiny Love Tiny Tour which I absolutely loved! Was a dream and I hope to go to more shows in the future! 😊 Happy to finally be here in the community!
  13. Ahh, I really hope this is a temporary change to Mika's shows. I went to my first show with last year's Tiny Love Tiny Tour and I wanted to wait for Mika afterwards but I was too tired thinking he might not even come. I then read up that he did in fact visit fans after the show and I have been kicking myself for not staying to see him. I always hoped that if I would go to another of his concerts in the future I would stay and hopefully meet him just once, but if this is a permanent thing then I'll forever beat myself up for missing my once in a life time opportunity 😓 I won't blame him if this does become a standard though. It was very generous of him to do this almost every show, he never owed the fanbase this though he did it anyway, but it was bound to end sometime.
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