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Does anyone know who this is?

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Yes that is definately Mika because if from that link you go back to previous you will see Mikas confession ....ive watched that millions of times on youtube already :naughty: :naughty:


and its definately not his sister :roftl:

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No, I don't think it's his sister. I attached a pic of her. She has a completely different bone structure.


Thank you for posting the vid, though. I hadn't seen it! That is definitely Mika because of his mask, ice, voice and giggle. "Speak up, speak up!"


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Why doesn't someone just google the quotes she made in the video?


If she's someone famous (most likely), then it would be no different than googling a Mika quote and getting directed to the MFC.


I'm sure if she's anyone popular (or even if she's not, you never know) the quotes would appear when googled with a URL to a fansite.


Using the noggin.:wink2:

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Alright, I have a lead!


If you go here, and scroll down, it says:


"Who's 'a ****er'? What male stylist can't keep their clothes on? Which former curator of a national museum smokes in Grade 1* listed buildings?"


So, she must be a curator of a national museum.


HUH? HUH?:biggrin2:

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yes, there are pics, but I agree with jackviolet 100%: wasn't it decided not to post family pics of mika..?


ooo sorry!! SORRY! i didnt know, i feel bad now!!! :(:(:( if i knew, i sooo wouldnt have asked!! waaaaaaaa, mika please dont hate me!!!



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