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Takes little to make me happy...


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BEWARE THIS IS PATHETIC.. :blush-anim-cl:


Ok, you may start the giggling, but I just felt like sharing this with the forum people, cause they may understand my happyness re. this.. :blush-anim-cl:


maybe some of ya know I have been looking for some time for a Stuck in the middle ringtone for my ancient mobile, without much luck.. :thumbdown:


well, today, after a loooong search and much struggle, I finally got my stuck in the middle ringtone. :wub2: *magic moment* :biggrin2:


I do know this is a little ridicolous and the file is just a crappy polyphonic ringtone and not mika's actual singing, but just the fact that when phone rings I hear that beloved melody, brings a smile on my face..


it's sad, I know.. :blush-anim-cl:


but I am just happy for it! :yay:

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Yay Avoca


you wont now sit around waiting for people to ring you on your mobile just to hear the tune? :naughty: - that would be embarasing hehe:wink2:




thx, everyone! *feels the love* :wub2:


my mobile is so ancient, it'd never be able to do smt like alternate ringtone! :wink2:

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where is wise avoca?? :roftl: :roftl:


i'm happy for you! now it's my turn...with my nokia...how can i put his giggle on it??? cannot record it from the pc and , less than everything, download it from the pc/net....i'm DESPERATE!:shocked:

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wise avoca..? what's that..? :fisch::biggrin2:


my mobile (last cent.) is a nokia too. you can d/l items from pc only via wire but that costs a fortune (34€). so I had to find another way. i don't think there's a chance for ya to d/l a customized ringtone if your mobile's as old as mine.. what's the model of yours? *I began to be an expert after all the researches I did for mine..LOL* :mf_rosetinted:

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