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Who posted 10 minute Hot Mika Slideshow?


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Just found it on YouTube under a pseudonym of mikapenniman...


I doubt anyone here will 'fess up to it, but all the pics look mighty familiar....:sneaky2:


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they ARE mfc pics and vids

but it doesn't necessarily mean its an mfcer

remember our forum is PUBLIC

which means anyone can come here and read and look at pics and links...

they just can't post:sneaky2:



an mfcer would have called it hot chicken...:naughty:

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Gosh!!! This video is super naughty!!!


I started to wonder who is more naughty: the person who made it or Mika?


... and of course very soon I came to the conclusion: it's MIKA :mf_lustslow::biggrin2:

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Whats going to happen when Ioana sees this


Maybe it WAS Ioana :naughty: - the knitting queen :biggrin2:


However, the person who did it is kinda - creative. Oh my, watching that I didn't know whether to :naughty:, :shocked: or :lmao:

Well done! :thumb_yello:


Mr. Mika is really, really kind, to provide us with such heaps of material...:biggrin2:

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