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Michael Buble doing Grace Kelly!


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omg, michael bublé whom I usually like made a fool of himself doing this crappy take on Grace Kelly, he really looks like a fat sack of potatoes on this video and the vocals were nothing up to his standards unless of course he wanted to make Mika look ridiculous in which case he didn't fully realize he is the one being a silly old fart here ! To be forgotten immediately !

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Come on guys it's not that bad :roftl:


It's just funny and a good compliment for Mika!


I totally agree... i don't think MichaelBoublè was trying to copy Mika...it was only a joke. Many artists in their concert sing other artists songs... and this honours mika

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mainy the bit where he groped his leg.. :puking:


Haha! But yes I noticed that too. Being a bit touchy there.

Didn't quite get it. What was that for anyways? :cool:

And why was he pointing to certain body parts at one point of the performance?


Besides the things I didn't quite get, it was nice. :punk:


Compared to Mika, it was nothing. :wink2:

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Oh wow, he'd better not tried that. :biggrin2: He's not fit to hold a candle to Mika (at least not on that part, but maybe he can cook...who knows :bleh:) and well, if Mr. B. tried to make fun of the Mikster I have to say that it backfired :naughty:

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While I still like Mika singing it, that a star as big as Michael Buble chose to cover it is a huge compliment to our boy...


'a star as big as Michael Buble'.. 'a compliment'....????:shocked:


You must be joking....

I actually first heard of him this year but based on that song they play on MTV / VH1 and this Grace Kelly cover, he has not achieved legend status yet and I doubt he ever will...

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Ummm... this guy is sure better


But if you look at a few of his other vids, he can actually sing.

Try the Scissor sisters one (Don't feel like Dancing) it's a pretty good replica!!


Off the topic I know, but worth a mention. Thanks sesil!


And thanks Jolene for the original MB post!:thumb_yello:

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