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Mika storming in FRANCE!


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His albums sales in france are relatively the same here in the UK.


In the France Album Chart; LICM peaked at No.1 is also 2x Platinum and sold 531,781 copies :punk:


Mika almost dominated the entire charts in France for the week july 15-21:

- Album physical sales : N°1

- Single physical sales: N°2 (last week was at N°1)

- Album digital sales: N°1

- Single digital sales: N°1 (plus 2 other songs in the top 10)


The album AGAIN is No.1 this week 27.8k sold,


Relax is always #2 in the single chart, 11.3k copies sold.

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I have just come back from France and Geneva-

i have to say! Mika is a favourite !! i heard relax take it easy so many times in shops, and people were jst singing along! it was great. This song was played soom many times !!!It was wonderful! Also, justb yestreday )or day before) i was flicking through French t,v and Mika's Koko concert was on! France is a Mika hAven !! xxx

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