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Newbie from Australia


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Hi all!

I just wanted to drop in and say. I found this fan club by accident, and SO glad that did!.

I cant actually remember when it was that i first found Mika, but i remember it was seeing the film clip to Grace Kelly, just before it was realised in Australia. I was stunned by his talent.

Regretting that i didnt live in Europe to go see him in concert, my friend accidently came across a small concert he was going to do in Australia on a promotional tour two weeks from the time we found out.. So i just said book tickets , i booked flights to Sydney - i didnt even know how much it was costing me, see Mika had no price limit.

The concert was AMAZING... I cannot believe how amazing he is!! It was the best night!!!

I cannot wait to go to Europe next year, definately going to one or two or three of his concerts.

I have never been so amazed by a singer, as i have with Mika, his song writing, his singing, his theatricals are amazing!!!!!!!! He is the best.

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Hi again Kristy,


As Jolene said, pop by the aussie thread and say hi to the others. :)


You are very lucky to be going to Europe, and going to more Mika concerts over there.


Hope you had a great time at the Sydney concert. It was amazing. Many of us went and had an awesome time. We have some pretty good stories. :biggrin2:

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