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VOTE Mika on VH1 artist of the year countdown


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you have to download an Excel Document and write down your top 100 artists of 2007

of course you can write Mika 50 times and send it back,by copy-pasting

after you have completed it,go back to the site and click 'Upload Here' :thumb_yello:


Make Mika the year's TOP ARTIST!!!!!


And I actually suggest putting only Mika in the top 10

I couldn't see any place where you download. There was a list, and a short form. I wrote Mika on the form, and my address and sent it off. But I couldn't see any download part.


Love today, from Marilyn

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I think they made an error, and maybe you caught it Ioana.


Now there is a list you scroll down through of all the artists, and then you put only one name and you have to fill in all your personal details on the form. (Yuck)


The form is in the scroll down part with the artists names, not on the body of the webpage.


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