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Merry wtf you celebrate for all non-christians out there - don't hide, I know


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Perhaps I should of written Good Yule.. is that the pwoper way? :cool:

The Nordic pagan/heathen ORIGINAL version of christmas :)


Nah.. Christmas isn't a newer version of it. They just used the traditions because it was a clever way to make people convert (after killing us of course :wink2: )

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Happy Festivus everyone!






A Festivus for the Restofus! :thumb_yello:




Just... well... you better not let me start with the Airing of Grievances...

not today, anyway... :naughty:



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Yay! Happy anything to everyone!


Im gonna spend this week around christmas tree anyway surrounded

by icons of Jesus and friends - my granma's painting those.

Celebrating Joulu (= christmas).

Now inspired of this I want to go outside with a "Yule Goat" to make a "wheel of

sun" and burn it celebrating the sun. Oh and I'd love to make some Yule beer

too - celebrate the pagan yule and northern roots.




Wheel of sun




Yule Goat (of straw)


Few centuries ago we had no crappy christmas glitter so when we put a new

clean layer of straw on the floor in home, we also made the Yule decoration out of

the straws.




Carved of wood with a knife




"Himmeli" (out of straws)



I only found this:

It has also been suggested that Jól is derived from the Old-Nordic

word for wheel: Hjól, the theory being that the wheel of the year has come

full circle, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There have been more

attempts at explanations than one can shake a stick at. Certainly the exact

meaning of the original word is something we shall never know.


Have a happy, relaxing wheel, pagan EnFa and everyone else!!!

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*I don't see a future for this thread*



Okay - Merry happy nice sad winter for all you people out there, who's not into christmas.

Let's slaughter a goat and dance around the fire!





Other things to celebrate right now!


Winter Solstice (Time to eat and love how the grey weather will disappear!)

The birthday of Horus/Mitras (son of a god, born to a virgin)


birth of Jesus..

The muslim holiday Eid


....and many more things. Choose one and celebrate it.


i celebrate that:wink2:

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