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Mika's festive fight


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Dec 23, 2007, 11:30 GMT


Mika loves to spend Christmas fighting with his "neurotic" family.

The 'Relax, Take It Easy' singer claims his family are "strange and neurotic" and he enjoys an "explosive" festive season.

Mika said: "My family is little bit strange. I've got a very big family who are all slightly neurotic, very celebratory and very explosive. So Christmas always involves elation and absolutely torrential arguments but I like Christmas that way."

The 24-year-old's family fled war-torn Lebanon when he was one and lived in Paris before moving to London when he was nine.

Mika said: "Some Christmases we would have money and some Christmases we wouldn't have much money. But even if didn't have any money by the time it got to Christmas Day, somehow, it would happen. So it was always a cool time of year and no matter what, somehow, it always happened, and that is why I love Christmas."

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so Mika's family is slightly neurotic?...you have to see mine:naughty:

Anyway, I think the most amazing person in the world {a part from italians} are the lebanese:wub2:

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Ha ha, reminds me of my Christmasses when I was a kid, always a drama and some fighting, but always good in the end. Usually due to us being tired, we would go to midnight mass, come home have a huge fried breakfast and go to bed about 3 in the morning, but my mum would stay up and get everything ready for dinner, and she might have had about an hours sleep before she would get up and get us up to open our pressies, and she would be on the go again all day, so you can imagine later in the day she would get a little fraught and things would start her off. But after a nap at teatime, she'd be fine again and everything was good again. I loved Christmas as a kid, they were the best.

I spend Christmas at my sisters now, which is great and I enjoy it, but as an adult it isn't quite the same.

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god bless google alerts.... :naughty: :naughty: read this in the morn LOL

thx for sharing with the others, greta.



I sense xmas at the penniman's must be a very noisy one, so many as they are... :bleh: lovely though. :biggrin2:


Wow- Your signature!!! Mika looks sooo cute!:mf_lustslow:

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