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Ten-chan and Alex-kun <3 Mika-chan!


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Can't believe I didn't join earlier :0


Well, as my title says: I'm a Mikaddict (for the not so very bright people: Mika-addict).. Anyway, I think I'm supposed to post my Mikadiscovery here ^^;;


It wasn't that special, really, I just randomly saw him on the telly (TMF or MTV, not sure which) with Grace Kelly. I was immediatly like "Who is this guy? He owns.. Mika? Cool O.o". So, I liked it, not yet addicted. But then..

Relax came :0 Damn, I immediatly got SO.FREAKIN.ADDICTED to the song. Problem was I kept missing it on the telly AND radio ;_; I was dieing.. So I downloaded it : D;; But don't worry, I have the album now, though it's pretty useless as I have about 49 songs of him on my comp (album, live and live and acoustic versions and new songs, and some covers).


Anyway, I feel like listing all the songs some time, but not now as I have to go >.< See ya later!



PS: Wish I was allowed to go to London D:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi, welcome at the MFC:punk: Have fun here:thumb_yello:


Stupid me: I saw your introduction story and your personal information and I thought you were from the Philipines :doh:


But you are from Zeeland, the mussel-area! :wink2:


If you like to chat in dutch, please pay a visit to the Dutch Thread once!

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Hi and welcome to MFC.:)

I supposed you were from Japan when I saw your title.:blink:


EXACTLY my thoughts Tomomi!!:naughty:


Welcome, you will feel right at home here ...but what do you want us to call you, Alex? Tenchan? or are there two of you?:blink:

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Wh00t, thanks guys/girls/unindentified thing ^_^

About my name (I forgot to tell, was in a hurry): You can call me Tenmashi O.o Or Ten, Ten-chan, even Ten-sama if you wish ;P The reason Alex is in my forumname too is because it's one of my characters xD It's like writers have their characters in their mind, I have Alex, and lots of others. But I put Alex in my name because he's a fan of Mika too. xD

Yes, I'm weird ^^;;


And I would love to live in Japan, I hate 'traditional' Dutch food D: Ebil cooked potatoes MIXED with freakin' vegetables! ;_; Ew.. But I love fish ^__^ So that's a good one. Don't like mussles that much, though O.o and really big muscles XD


Oo End of random babbling

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