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Calling all Californians: Take 2 !!!

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Ayiiee, a new Californian thread!


*runs around getting mud all over, smooshing all the pillows and rearranging the artwork*


There. All fixed. Much more like home now. :naughty:


:yay: hahah

hi Mana! How are you?


*takes out crayons and begins to draw on the walls again*

It's an obsession...:naughty:


:naughty: seafoam green


How are you?? :wub2:

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Hey hey!


Who's your fave?


I love David A. and Jason...:wub2: Jason's so adorable...

My friend, I swear, is the spitting image of David! :roftl: It's unbelievable. David's my favorite, I have to say. He's an awesome singer and just toooo adorable. He's always laughing.:naughty:

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Yes, yes, yes! I'm slipping though. Instead of watching American Idol like I'd usually be doing on a Tuesday night...I'm on MFC.:naughty:


Haha...I would be too, but its a family thing, so I have to part from the MFC...


yeah, i like david and jason then. :thumb_yello:


by the way, daydreambeliever/lollipopgirl83,

what are your names?


I'm Taylor!:thumb_yello:

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I'm sure I've asked before, but I've forgotten. Were you at the LA gig?


no, unfortunately, i couldn't go to the Wiltern gig(and i was only a few blocks away) because I had a meeting. :thumbdown:

loads of people have asked me that as soon as they see i'm from LA, and i don't remember who i've told... :bleh:

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