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The What Songs Are In Your Ipod Or Mp3 Player

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i dont think that there is another thread like this

if there is please tell me or could a mod take it off please




these are the albums in my ipod

  • MIKA ( life in cartoon motion )
  • paul mcCartney ( memory almost full )
  • The beatles ( love )
  • my chemical romance ( welcome to the black parade )
  • flyleaf ( flyleaf )
  • good charlette ( good morning revival )
  • rascal flats ( me and my gang )
  • hillary duff ( most wanted )
    the songs i have are
  • gettcha grove on by limp bisket
  • most of john lennon's songs
  • light up the sky by yellow card
  • tear drops on my gutiar by talor swift
  • mixed c.d with most of of the beatle's hits
  • mix c.d with a lot of songs
  • s.o.s by the jonas brothers


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Top Posters In This Topic

i have heaps, but i'll name the good ones..


-mika (LICM, itunes festival, his singles..etc.)

-feist (let it die, open season, the reminder)

-phoenix (alphabetical, it's never been like that, united)

-radiohead - there's too many to type..

-the wombats


-rilo kiley

-lightspeed champion

-calvin harris


i think those are the main ones i listen to

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We-elll...I've got about 1500 songs...:boxed: It's a lot of Queen, Pink floyd, Beatles, the Doors, Supertramp, and Regina Spektor. Those are the ones I have the most of. The ones I listen to the most are the above, and Mika (duh) and Scissor sisters and Ingrid Michaelson...I have a lot of classic and prog rock, indie, and female solo artists.


I'd give a more detailed list but there's just so MANY...

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Lol. I remember I got my first iPod, it was 4 gigs and I was thinking, 'Well, I'll never have a thousand songs, so it's OK!'

Then it broke so I could get a bigger one. It's 8 gigs...and I know I'll have 2000 someday but it'll take a looong time, so I'm not too worried.

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I kinda wish I'd gotten one of the 80 or 160 gig ones, so I'd never have to worry about running out of space...but I have a nano, and I like them way better than the big ones.


yeah, i have a big ipod, and it doesn't fit in my pocket!

i get so annoyed..

but i was thinking about getting the new ipod which is 8 gigs..

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I have almost 5000 songs on my iPod! =O So I'm obviously not gonna name them all, unless you want me to sit here typing until 2009 XD


Here's a few tracks that come up when I put my iPod on shuffle:


Kneuklid Romance - Was Imitation But... So I Believe

Urusei Yatsura - Every Day

Nick Drake - Hazy Jane I

The Black Mages - Fight With Seymour

Project A-Ko - Max 5000

Madonna - Holiday

Lââm - Chantez le Matin

Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

J.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F (Movement II)

The Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Björk - It's Not Up To You

Lacrimosa - Lichtgestalt

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I've got lots of music on my small ipod. Anything from Pink Floyd, Queen, The Who, T.Rex, The Jam, David Bowie, Beatles...to more recent stuff by Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian , KT Tunstall, Goldfrapp, Radiohead, Air, Foo Fighters, Doves, Feist, The Hives, Oasis and of course Mika ;)

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I mostly dont put a lot of song in my MP3 i kindda delete songs that idont listen to every now and then...but the ones i have are:


Mika (even the live recordings..lol)


Rihanna (have to delete it soon :naughty: )


Natasha Bedingfield (some that i like)

Linkin Park

Maroon 5

Amy winehouse


dont remember more...:blink::thumb_yello:

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Mika; LICM, and live recordings (So I have almost every mikasong twice)

The Kooks; Inside in/inside out

Hooverphonic; best singles 96-06

Abba; Greatest hits

Clouseau; clouseau 20 + clouseau live

The Veronicas; the secret life of...

Nelly Furtado; loose

Hilary Duff; metamorphosis


and a lot more.... rihanna, tegan & sara, justin timberlake, no doubt, cranberries, laïs, irene cara, ... ... ... ...


and since the 90's week on radio donna also funny songs like "barbie girl" - aqua, "5,6,7,8" - Steps, :biggrin2:


and all KLJ songs from the past 7 year, we dance and wimpelen (really I don't know the translation of 'wimpelen') every year on several songs and we can win prices and this year is one of the dances on LOVE TODAY!!!!!

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i have an 80g and 2 nano's.....


and my mika! - the 80g is HUGE!!!!! - i have about 20 movies on there and about 300 songs and loads of photos etc!!!!!


all my albums....hmmm,


well....hmmmm *goes to look @ itunes*




amy winehouse

black eyes peas





kaiser chiefs



nelly furtado



robbie williams

scissor sisters

and a load of random songs NOT in albums.......

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